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EduBirdie Reviews – Edu Birdie

Are you in interested buying an Edubirdie essay but you should ne aware of the services provided Edubirdie so we have put forward some of the honest reviews.

sometimes a student doesn’t get enough time to write an essay. There might be many things that can occupy your time. It might be that you’re working at a 9 to 5 job or you have to look after your family.

And you have arrived here as you are going through the same situation!

When you go through the reviews of EduBirdie on google you are going to come across a lot of 5-star reviews that are not going to help you make your decision. Here are going to provide you a review about Edubirdie on considering that we also provide the college students an assistance in their academics. We have many years of experience that dominates the industry and help you know what makes an essay writing service legit and successful. We aim at giving you an objective that is unbiased and will share the good as well as bad also the ugly side about their service. In order to write this review we have actually purchased an Edubirdie essay so that we can scoop in side the reality!

We have ordered about a 4-page essay about a microbiology course where we had to explain a particular microorganism that covers various essential sections like the pathogen’s virulence factors or all the infectious disease that are caused by it. The microorganism that is have selected was Bacillus Anthracis.

We have ordered the essay on Thursday and have mentioned the deadline as Monday, we have given them about 4 days to finish their work.

Can you trust Edubirdie?

If you are wondering whether Edubirdie is legit or not then going through this article will help you a bit.

Considering their essay writing service, they are absolutely trustworthy, they have given back the essay within the deadline that we have mentioned , and have our request and received revisions timely. But one of their major draw backis that buying an essay from Edubirdie seems very unrealistic like you are talking to a robot and not to real humans.

To begin with this first you have to enter the profile of Edubirdie writers’you will find their reviews that the clients give written about them and no matter in which profile you enter you are going to notice that more or less all of them are having reviews of 5 stars.

What are the pros and cons of Edubirdie?


  1. They have a simple order process.
  2. They don’t release money to the writer till you are happy with their essay.
  3. The writers reply to their clients very quickly.
  4. They had submitted the essay two days before deadline.


  1. They have a poorformatting of APA.
  2. To order an essay you have to create an Edubirdie account first.
  3. They do not have a clear price until the writers bid

What do they guarantee?

Their best thing is that they offer you with certain guarantees!

First and foremost you need to know that your money is only given to the writer when you are satisfied with their essay but you should aware that the revisions have to be requested in between three days, since you receive the essay.

With Edubirdie, you can also apply for a refund which is fixed within the span of upto three days in case you are unsatisfied with their essay that you have received but their refund process is a bit complex and you have to meet any of the criteria that are mentioned in their refund policy and if you don’t request a refund or any revisions in between these three days, your money is going to be automatically given to their writer.

What is their prices and fees?

Are you wondering whether you can afford it their prices of each essays?

Then we will say that the cost for these essays starts from $13.99 for each page as far as its deadline is 14 days or more than that. But as we mentioned previously that they engage a bidding process where the prices may vary depending upon their writer.

As far as our case is concerned we have ordered about a 4-page essay that is supposed to be completed within 4 days and we had to pay about $111 for it, which is almost two times the amount that was originally shown on their page.

Sadly, they do not provide any sort of pricing page or such table. Thus their client don’t have any idea regarding how their price is decided despite of their the deadline that influences their starting price of about $13.99.

They have made their payment options you available with them through Paypal or with Visa/MasterCard!

They have a different payment system that helps you have your payment for the essay and your money is being transferred to the clients Edubirdie funds and the payment is only given to the writer only when you are satisfied with their work you receive.

What is the quality of their answers?

By this time you might be waiting to know about their quality of essays that they write.

A thing thatamused us that we have beengiven the essay two days before the given deadline that was just 4 days.

On ground of the essay that we have ordered was a attached of two documents having the essay instructions and the guidelines of the essay.

The instructions of the essay were very helpful because it mentioned that what sections you are required to incorporate and what such information that are to be available in between these mentioned sections.On the other hand the guidelines of the essay were more helpful showing how the format and the structure your essay is supposed to be.

On can clearly find their required essay sections in both the with their essay guidelines and the instructions and among them one of this required sections was just mentioned in their instructions document and in their required section the thing that was missing from their guidelines and they had to make just a hypothetical scenario in which a patient contracts the disease that are caused by the specified microorganism. Thus the essay that we have been given had this section missing and was only mentioned in their instructions document. Though their mistake is understandableas they show a reason from their side that their assigned writer was not been paid entire attention to both the instructions and the guidelines of the files that were uploaded.

On account of these sections, they had included maximum of the necessary information in between every section but among these few points were just clearly discussed or are just discussed only at a surface level. Apart from this one might be tensed about the level of English of the writers of Edubirdie. And surprisingly we could find just one grammatical error that could show a poor level of English language.

The offers and extra services provided by them

Just after you complete filling your ordering form, you have to click on ‘view writers’ offers’ in order to proceed. You have to know that after you do so, you are going to be asked either to create an account or log in to the pre existing account.

In our case we had to create an account on Edubirdie in order to buy their essays on a specified topic. It might be disturbing to create an account for a service that you might be using to only purchase for one time.

After creating a account on Edu birdie then once you click view writers’ offers, you are going to be taken to a page that is filled with the names of a bunch of various writers from which you can choose accordingly.

One thing you need to know about them is that they engage a bidding system which means that you have to choose between the various writers and these particular writers will be give their own respective prices and it should be mentioned that these different writers’ have their prices nearly close and almost similar according to our experience.

But they don’t even specify actually why these writers can meet the requirements of the project. These writers’ profiles also do not really indicate the reason behind which they are going to best meet the needs of their clients.

You may be wondering that how does someone select between this many writers? Well they give you a provision to chat with these writers and also allow you to look at their profiles, where they are having a brief bio and the reviews.

The strange thing that one can find is after 8 seconds of clicking the ‘view writers offers’ button you are going to receive messages from the assigned writers who say that they had went through our requirements for the essay and they would try to prove themselves be a good fit.

On consideration of the speed depending on which the writers contact you and are supposedly go through the requirements which might be automated robot messages.

You might feel curious on what basis these writers are going to message you, so we would say that these messages are one is going to be received from these writers whose aim is to convince you to select them for your essay.

There was not even a single way to prove that the writer have done a master’s in nursing.

What is their ordering process

The first section of the review of Edubirdie, we are going to give you a glimpse of the ordering process that is involved in Edubirdie.

First comes the Ordering Form

If someone wants to order for an essay then from where are you supposed to begin?

So the first step that you need to do is to click on the bright yellow ‘write my paper’ button on the landing page of Edubirdie. After you click on this button the you are going to be taken to their ordering form and next you will have to choose the service which you want to buy at the top of the ordering form.

Edubirdie does not even write essays but also have provide an editing service.

Next you might be thinking that what we are supposed to write in this ordering form?

So in this form you have to fill out the below mentioned points:-

  1. The deadline of the essay and the when time essay to be delivered
  2. The number of pages required.
  3. The subject based on which you want the essay.
  4. The topic of the essay to be written.
  5. The instructions for the essay to be followed.

Apart from this there is a black space which allow you to upload your documents. There one can upload some of their relevant documents like the instructions of the essays or their grading rubric.

A thing that is important to mention is the section of the “writer quality” in the ordering form. There they have mentioned three of the qualities of the writers from which you can choose the writers according to your satisfaction.

First they mention their basic quality that is titled as ‘all writers’ that does not have any extra cost and at this level each and every Edubirdie’s writers can see your order.

Then comes their premium level where only the top 50% of the writers of Edubirdie will be able to see your order. This writer quality charges an additional of 10% on the price per page. And finally comes the platinum level where only the top 20% of writers of Edubirdie will be able to see your order. This writer quality charges an additional of 20%.

While we have ordered we have just selected the standard that is ‘all writers’ quality.

You can also select the button so that the Edubirdie chooses the “best writer” for their clients assignment for an extra of $9.99.

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