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What is their ordering process?

Everyone wonders what it is like to get their assignment ready from an online platform. Today, we take it upon ourselves to investigate the matter and provide you with an authentic review of the website. We asked hundreds of students to give their reviews for livewebtutors. Now, we will delve deep into the authenticity of the website.

  1. 2. Can you trust Livewebtutors?

This has been asked by every serious student who needs assignment help for the timely submission of their assignment. Of course, it is one of the best resources one can refer to given the deadline one to have to submit their assignment in. It is a convincing and student-friendly choice by students in and around our country. But is it true? So we gathered information and found that this is the best option given the students face a problem in submitting their assignments in time, whether it is a high school assignment or a high school assignment.

Here we tried our best to portray the best facilities as well as drawbacks of this platform:

  1. What are the pros and cons of

We have made a close study to analyze the good as well as bad points of this website. Knowing them will let you take responsibility for your assignment and be accountable for your needs.


  1. They provide fast revisions
  2. They have a safe PayPal transaction facility


  1. The prices are a bit exorbitant.
  2. Their testimonials are not true.
  3. Their writers are local and not native speakers
  4. The registration date is not correct
  5. Hard-to-use website
  6. No refund policy
  7. No prices available
  8. All given information is generalized.

What is their reputation online?

You may find some negative reviews from which the question arises whether are they authentic or not. However, we received more positive reviews than negative ones. Some complain that their quality has deteriorated over time. Some of them have appreciated the quality of their writing!

Their samples are average in quality. Their real reviews paint a different picture of their success.

A large number of people mentioned that the quality was only satisfactory.

What can we conclude?

From their revision and refund policy, we can see that they provide a plenty number of revisions during 31 days just after the completion of a paper. If you get ill service, then the company will provide you with rework but it is going to cost you separately.

The service doesn’t come with a money-back guarantee. It doesn’t happen unless you have paid twice for the same service. They have come up with reduced prices and discounts for getting your subsequent assignments by their policy.

Though such services tend to offer a money-back guarantee all students want a money-back guarantee if they encounter a mistake.

What are the types of services they provide?

Given below is the list of academic writing services that are provided by livewebtutors. They can write upon these topics:

  1. Academic Writing: These include Dissertations, Theses, Case Studies, Essays, Research Papers, Book Reports, Coursework, Cover letters, Critical Analysis, Homework, and Literature Review.
  2. Editing/ Proof-reading: all paper types
  3. CV/ Resume services
  4. CV
  5. Resume
  6. Cover Letter
  7. Letter of Recommendation

Along with this, they also provide proofreading services, referencing, and even plagiarism checks. The list of subjects on which they can help you is considerably long.

What are their price and fees?

The website differs from the other websites. One cannot pick and choose their price as one can on other websites. On this website, you can have a live chat with the manager about their price.

After a fifteen-minute log chat, we found the price for every page of an essay for college. We found it to be considerably high, that is, 24 dollars but they would grant a discount and had to pay less which is about 17 dollars. The price is considerably high than the mediocre but they assign the best expert in their field.

What is the quality of their answers?

Are Livewebtutors trustworthy? We cannot conclude for sure but some of the information on the website is not true. The entire list of their experts is impressive unless you go through their photos on Google.

 Details about their customer support

Customer support managers responded quickly as possible and even on weekends even though they were a bit pushy in their chats. We felt that they were interested in getting the money rather than helping to solve the problems.

The orders and extra services provided by them

You can be credited with 20 dollars upon registration and you can use 5 dollars for your first order. There is even some affiliate program where you can get a 10% commission on the papers of those people who have referred to

There are special offers for the ones who have ordered many papers. Besides this, some free online academic tools are referencing (Chicago, Harvard, etc), grammar and spelling, plagiarism checkers, essay typers, paraphrasing tools, counters, various calculators, and also a chemical equation balance. All of these tools can make the students’ lives easier if found in one place and can be assessed whenever the students require. All these tools don’t have a direct bearing on the service and the performance.

You will get 50% off on the fourth order if you book these assignments in the same book. Or you will get the 6th assignment for free if you place five requests for the same paper. You may also get the 6th assignment for free if you make five orders in seven days or get a 25% discount on the third assignment after two papers are booked instantly.

What is their ordering process?

To place your order, you should send your assignment first. The order form requires a subject, deadline, country fields as well as assignment instruction. They need some time to check your instructions and send you a quote for the order.

If the price works for you, livewebtutors invoice will be available.

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