MyAssignmentHelp Reviews

MyAssignmentHelp Review

Every one wonder whether is trustworthy or not as it matters the career of the students so one should take actions knowing the reliability of this sites. So we went through a survey to get a peck of the service that are provided by them. We asked hundreds of students to give their reviews for Now we will delve deeper to know about the authenticity of the site.

Can you trust MyAssignmentHelp?

This question comes in everyone’s mind when they first get to know about MyAssignmentHelp. So, we would say if you closely study the information given on the website you would get to know that it is very convincing and trustworthy and is the top choice for getting help in the assignments among the Australians. But is it actually true? So we gathered information and found that this is actual information the best option if you need assistance within the deadline of the college or high school. Although we have seen that the assignments they deliver were considerably up to the mark.

Here we have tried our best to portray all the facilities as well as the drawbacks of this platform.

What are the pros and cons of MyAssignmentHelp?

We have made a close study to analyse thegood and bad side of this website. Knowing this would help you to choose whether it is worthy for your academic needs.


  1. They provide fast revisions
  2. They have a safe PayPal transaction facilities.


  1. Their prices are a great pocket pinch.
  2. Their testimonials are not true.
  3. Their writers are local and are not the native speakers.
  4. The registration date mentioned is not correct.

What is their reputation online?

You may find many negative reviews online from which the question arises whether MyAssignmentHelp is authentic. Some of them also complain that their quality of writing has also detonated in present time.

But it doesn’t actually mean at all the feedbacks that we have got from their clients are negative. Some of them also appreciated the quality of their writings. And the ratio of positive reviews are more than that of the negative ones.

What we can conclude

From their Revision and Refund Policy we can see that they provides plenty number of revision provision during a time period of 31 days just after the completion of the paper. In you get a less marks due to their ill service, then the company is going to provide you with a rework, but it is going to cost you separately.

Their service do not grant their clients with the guarantee of Money-Back. They don’t provide any such cash refunds unless and until you have been mistakenly charged two times for that same order. For all other circumstances, they grant to reduce the price of the next assignment of yours by the amount that is determined in accordance to their policy.

It may look to be slightly unusual as a lot of this essay writing services provide an option like the money back guarantee. I personally feel that this points that these writers may be unreliable or there might be something that disrupts the functioning of there policy. But know that all student firstly want to check the surety that they will guaran tiedly receive the money back if something their is some mistake.

What are the types services they provide?

Below here are the list of academic writing services that are provided by MyAssignmentHelp. They can write upon these topics:

  1. Academic writing
    1. Dissertations
    2. Theses
    3. Case Studies
    4. Essays
    5. Research papers
    6. Book reports
    7. Coursework
    8. Cover letter
    9. Critical analysis
    10. Homework
    11. Literature review
  2. Editing/Proofreading
    1. All paper types
  3. CV/Resume services
    1. CV
    2. Resume
    3. Cover letter
    4. Letter of recommendation

Along with this they also grant with the proofreading services, referencing and even plagiarism checks. The list of the subjects based on which they can help you is considerably lengthy.

What is their prices and fees?

This platform varies from the maximum of the websites that are of same kind in which the customers cango through the prices contained  on the special Price page. But that won’t find it here. In this site you need to have a conversation with the manager concerned in order to get to know that how much the ordered assignment is going to cost.

After a chat of about 15minutes with their support team, we found out the price for each page of an essay for college. We found it to beconsiderably high that is $24, but they wouldgrant a discount and had to pay less that is about $17 each page. Surely, the price was considerably high than the mediocre, but they assured to assign the best expert in this field.

What is thequality of their answers?

Is MyAssignmentHelp trust worthy? We can not conclude it for sure, but some of the information on the website are not at all true. The entire list of experts seems to be impressive unless you go through their photos on Google. There you can find that, for example Michelle Meng is not even a Master of Accounting from Singapore, but is an associate professor of History, Andrew Thomas, from Salem College.

And another instance where we can find that Grace Ling is in reality Dr. Shelly Moram who is a senior lecturer at Imperial College. So it up to you to decide for yourself that whether you can trust their company who isusing the academics’ photos without taking their permission just to get your attention and trust. But to check their quality we ordered a research paper of 7 pages on Biology and asked their writer to briefly describe that what effect does stress cause on the level of the neural activity in the cerebellum. Along with this, I asked them to concentrate on what the damage can be done to our nervous system in this event of prolonged stressful state.

But their writer could not cope with this task and did not entirely describe aboutthe influence of stress on the brain. Along with this their so-called expert concentrated on the terminology and made the mistake in the study that is related to the number of nerve impulses that enters the cerebellum and we also found about 5grammatical as well as spelling errors.

Details about their customer support

Their customer support managers responded as quickly as possible and even on weekends, even though they were a bit pushy in their chats. And at some point, it felt as if they were just interested in receiving the money rather than helping to solve the problems.

The offers and extra services provided by them

As they do not have any online calculator to calculate the cost and thus it is hard to say whether there are any such extra features. There are some offers that says you can get $2 for your feedback and $2 for giving your mobile number.

Just after you registration, you will be credited with $20, from which you can use $5 on your first order. There are even some affiliate program where you can get about 10% commission on the papers of those people you have referred to MyAssignmentHelp.

There are also some special offers for those clients who have ordered many papers. Asas aware for being a loyal customersordering many papers.

Besides this, there are also some of the free online academic tools that are the referencing (Chicago, Harvard etc), grammar and spelling, plagiarism checkers, essay typers, paraphrasing tools, counters, various calculators and also a chemical equation balance.

All of these tools can help to make the students’ lives easier and for that reason it is considerably good that they are emplaced at a single place and can be accessed whenever the students require. But all these tools do not consist of a direct bearing on the service and the irreal performance.

What is their ordering process

In order to place an order, you just need to sign in or have to create an account. Here mentioned below the steps that you have to take.

  1. Sign Up
    1. You have to provide your phone number and your email address.


  1. You can even use your Google or Facebook accounts for the verification process.
  1. Fill Out Details
    1. You have to select your academic level.
    2. Then you have to mention the subject, the length of the paper and its deadline.
    3. After that choose the additional options.
  2. Pay For Your Paper
    1. Select your payment type.
    2. Pay for your selected paper type and length

Just after the completion of your transaction their writer would receive the work to be done.

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