Top 10 Best IAS Test Series

Top Best IAS Test Series

Test Series has become the most important part of preparing for any competition. The UPSC Public Service Exam is considered one of the most difficult exams in the world. Approximately 5,000,000 students complete forms for the UPSC Civil Service Examination each year. This research report will guide you through the best tests for the Delhi Public Service UPSC Preliminary Examination.

Many students enter training centers in different parts of the country. Many other students prefer self-study and take tests on some coaching or freelance websites. This series of training or assessment websites have historically made a name for itself among students over time.

UPSC pre-trial is offered in two ways by different test providers

Classroom Test Series: With classroom test series, trainers or test centers indicate your location in advance, and a series of 5-10 or 30 or more tests are administered on a given date at the location.

Online Test Series – Online test series are administered through a web-based platform where students are given a username and password and can take the test from the comfort of their home.

What is the IAS exam?

The Indian Administrative Service (IAS), formerly known as the Imperial Civil Service (ICS), is the civil service examination and one of the toughest competitions in India. It is administered by the Union Civil Service Commission for the recruitment of civil service officers across India.

IAS Exam Highlights Each year, UPSC conducts the Civil Service Examination (CSE) to assess candidates for more than 20 services, including IAS, IPS, and IFS. On average, more than 8,000 candidates registered for the IAS exam and approximately 5,000 candidates sit for the exam. Candidates are selected through the preliminary exam, the main exam, and an interview/personality test. This year-long selection process begins in June and ends in April. CSE’s final earnings list will be released in May

Who is in charge of the IAS Exam?

List of Top IAS Test Series
Elite IAS
Rank – 1
Rau’s IAS
Rank – 2
Praveen Kishor
Rank – 3
Abhimanyu IAS Rank – 4
Vision IAS
Rank – 5
Legacy IAS Rank – 6
Vajiram and Ravi’s IAS Rank – 7
ALS IAS Rank – 8
SRIRAM’s IAS Rank – 9
Khan Study Group Rank – 10

Preliminary exam date for civil service 2022

UPSC will take the IAS Prelims 2022 exam on June 5 in paper and pencil mode. Candidates should note that the UPSC Civil Services 2022 exam date is based on the published schedule in December. Notice of UPSC IAS 2022 UPSC published Notice of Civil Service Examination (CSE) 2022 on February 2, 2022. Candidates seeking All India service as well as other services can apply online between 2 February and February 2, 2022. It was released for a total of 712 vacancies, including 22 vacancies for people with the reference disability category. Applicants are advised to refer to the official notification for full details. UPSC IAS 2022 Exam Important Dates The Civil Service Examination (CSE) Notice was published on February 2, 2022. Candidates can apply online until February 22, 2022. The preliminary exam will take place on June 6, 2022. 2022 and the main exam on September 16. 2022

Rank-1 Elite IAS Test Series

Why would you choose a test suite in the first place? You have prepared well by completing the required syllabus for the UPSC civil service exam. They have almost religiously studied online and offline content. He has also read the newspapers, including The Hindu and The Indian Express. So your IAS exam prep went well!

So why solve the test series?

Of course, it is not self-evident that an IAS candidate must pass all three levels of the civil service exam if he wants to achieve his goal of entering the Indian civil service. So the test suite will walk you through the same thing as stated here:

  1. Preliminary test series

The first stage of the civil service exam, namely the preliminary exams, consists of 2 exams:

(a) General Studium (200 points)

(b) CSAT (200 points)

The pre-tests provided by Elite IAS Academy are designed in a perfectly competent way. The series of tests prepares you well for qualification for the CSAT and the General Studies Document.

It should be noted that while foreplay is a test of aptitude, it shouldn’t be taken lightly. It would be in the interest of an IAS contender to prepare well for the preliminary rounds.

If he doesn’t qualify for the Prelims, he won’t be able to advance to the Mains. And at Elite IAS Academy, we make sure you get a highly proficient set of pre-exams to help you successfully qualify for pre-exams.

2nd series of manual tests:

Unlike the Drafts, the Documents for Major Networks are subjective in nature. The preparations contained multiple-choice questions. But to prepare for the Mains, you need to study in detail.

Also, your main net score will count towards the final results. And it can make or break your rank. Furthermore, it is the rank that counts when it comes to the integration of Indian administrative services.

Elite IAS Academy offers students a series of perfectly designed sector tests, including a series of paper tests. It should be noted that a candidate must improve their response writing skills if they want to get a good grade. And the tests provided by Elite IAS Academy aim to equip students with all the skills needed to do well on the Mains Papers.

What is the test series for?

A good degree, even without errors, is not enough to pass the civil service exam on the first try. You should monitor the progress of your preparation.

So how would you do it? What if you discovered some of the downsides that need to be fixed? So, do you need an effective method to evaluate the success of your exam preparation?

Does the test series come into play here?

The role of test series

Solving the series of tests is simply indispensable. Whether online or otherwise, the test suite offers several benefits to test-takers, as follows:

  1. Increased confidence

Taking the test series at the same time and the testing environment provided by UPSC for the civil service exam helps build confidence in candidates. So don’t panic or get angry when it comes to taking the civil service exam. And no one can deny that approaching each exam with a relaxed and confident attitude helps you answer logically, which positively impacts your scoring potential.

  1. Take a count of yourself!

Taking the test series will help you assess your readiness for the civil service exam. And therefore you can go further accordingly. If you take the test series regularly, you will come across several drawbacks and strengths of your IAS exam preparation. This way, you can not only honestly assess your preparation, but also improve it if necessary. Needless to say, completing the CSE would have been much easier for you than it would have been had you not solved the test series.

Elite IAS Academy offers its students full mock tests to equip them with all the skills needed to pass the civil service exam.

In addition to the test series for the industry, the academy also offers a preliminary test series for the tests. Additionally, GS Mains Mock Tests are offered in English and Hindi. And the essay test series is offered for both English and Hindi learners.

Top IAS Test Series

Elite IAS Test Series
Mode Online /Offline IAS Test Series
Contact Number 7065202020, 8899999931
Contact Information Second Floor, Metro Station,17, Pusa Rd, Near Karol Bagh,Block 8, WEA, Karol Bagh, New Delhi – 110005
  • Prelims Test Series
  • Mains Test Series
  • Essay Test Series

Why Elite IAS Test Series 2020-21?

  1. Mock tests can be downloaded or answered online
  2. Detailed analytical answers are provided
  3. Test suites are designed in accordance with UPSC requirements

In addition, students receive highly competent content when appropriate to facilitate their preparation for the IAS exam. Furthermore, all the modules in the IAS Prelims test series are very flexible, making students feel perfectly comfortable solving them. Also, since the students come from all walks of life, the flexibility helps them better focus on preparing for the IAS exam, improving concentration for the same.

Why IAS Elite Academy?

Well, various IAS training institutions have sprung up all over Delhi. However, what sets Elite IAS Academy apart from others is that it has maintained a fast pace in producing candidates who pass the civil service exam year after year.

Rank-2 Rau’s IAS Test Series

What about the Pre-Pareekshan tests?

To help serious IAS candidates pass the UPSC IAS exam, Rau’s IAS offers a highly specialized course called GSI – Program for Quality Improvement which provides:

  • Current courses for continuous learning
  • Integrated network and preliminary test suites for synchronized testing
  • Industry and Foreplay Quality Improvement Program for a review and
  • Personalized tutoring and advice to improve grades and achieve higher rankings on IAS exams.

As part of the GSI QIP course, Raus IAS also conducts free preliminary mock tests across India, providing a common platform for all serious IAS contenders across the country to compete and discover their strengths and weaknesses.

How will All India FREE GS Prelims Mock Test Attempt help you?

  • The Raus IAS Pre-Pareekshan tests give you the real feel of the UPSC preliminary exam and are based on how UPSC asked questions in the actual preliminaries.
  • It is worth noting here that in the last Pre-Pareekshan that we held in March 2021, more than 10,000 serious applicants showed up who had set the stage for a very high-level competition by replicating the real experiences and learnings of UPSC.
  • The biggest benefit of the Pre-Pareekshan test is that it gives you the opportunity to grade the course and do your best on the actual exam.

What will you get after passing the tests before Pareekshan 2021?

  • AIR
  • Performance analysis by questions: difficult questions ignored by most test-takers; thorny issues in which the majority was wrong.
  • Overall test benchmarking: with the best and average performance of the test in the score, attempts, accuracy, and time.
  • Detailed solutions to all questions.
  • Try the live online course/video discussion to improve your preparation for the 2021 preliminary rounds.
  • The most important questions of the test are covered.
  • Explain how UPSC formulates the question based on analysis of questions from previous years
  • How to steer your preparation/review in the right direction?

Contact Details and Address

Top Best IAS Test Series

Rau’s IAS Test Series
Mode Online /Offline IAS Test Series
Contact Number +91-9810184722,
  • Prelims Test Series
  • Mains Test Series
  • Essay Test Series
Contact Information 309, Kanchenjunga Building,18 Barakhamba Road, Connaught Place, New Delhi – 110001

How to try All India Free GS Prelims Mock Test – Pre Pareekshan 2021?

  • The test is done ONLINE at
  • Please note: Due to the lockdown, students may not be able to take paper and pencil exams in our exam rooms this year. It is important that during the online tests you also practice writing down the answers on the OMR sheets for real simulation and time management.
  • If you are already an e-learning member, you do not have to re-register. You can try the trial immediately when it is visible in your account.
  • But if you are not a member,
  • Registration is easy and free.
  • Log in and get ready to test yourself in the UPSC setup.
  • Good luck and see you soon in the online evidence analysis course!

Rank-3 Praveen Kishor IAS Test Series

About the course

The course includes 8 tests.

  • Praveen Kishore has over 2 decades of experience mentoring sociology students who choose to take the UPSC CSE exam.
  • Live conferences are offered.
  • The test series includes an evaluation and discussion of each test.
  • The optional sociology has significant overlap with the GS 1 document and also helps to write a good essay on UPSC Mains
  • A weekly session of live interaction by Zoom to answer questions every Thursday or Friday from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

What will you get?

student interaction

Students can interact with our teachers through chat and email options.

unlimited access

Benefit from unlimited access for the duration of the course. You can access the course 24/7 at your convenience.

No Questions Asked Refund Policy

If you have a problem, you can get a refund within 72 hours of starting your course.

study material

An electronic copy of the study materials will be sent to your registered or uploaded email address on the course site after 3 days.

Top IAS Test Series

Praveen Kishor IAS Test Series
Mode Online /Offline IAS Test Series
Contact Number +91 95990-75552
Contact Information N/A
  • Prelims Test Series
  • Mains Test Series
  • Essay Test Series

Rank-4 Abhimanyu IAS Test Series.

The test series plays the most important role in fully analyzing the serviceability of the UPSC officer and also in increasing his performance. Therefore, ABHIMANU IAS has released its one-year test suite module for IAS 2020. Roll up your socks and get the ball rolling for your dreams.


online test done

Computer-assisted verification is available in online mode for preliminary test sets.

Online Student Dashboard

Check your ranking, check answers, answer keys with explanations, video chat, retake quizzes

Relevant Analysis

Macro and micro performance analysis. Analysis by sections. Difficulty analysis.

Test series across India

Track your progress with the all-India quiz series. Take tests every two months and get rankings for the whole of India.

Top IAS Test Series

Abhimanyu IAS Test Series
Mode Online /Offline IAS Test Series
Contact Number +91 7347432666
Contact Information 2nd Floor, Dainik Bhaskar Building,25D, Chandigarh, 160014
  • Prelims Test Series
  • Mains Test Series
  • Essay Test Series


Why Abhimanu?

More than 1,350 selections with students in the top 10 and position 1 in the public sector

The campus of more than 30,000 square meters. Limited time control of the main tests – through a multi-stage test

Assignment of an online mentor to clarify the strategy and prepare to share doubts and fears

Review of all Parveen Bansal main answer sheets with detailed analysis and suggestions

4 Free Lectures on the Art of Writing Answers/Sector Essays with a series of Bansal Sir Sector Tests

Rank-5 Vision IAS Test Series

All GS Preliminary Exam Series in India

Thousands of people step into one of VisionIAS’ flagship programs, the All India GS Prelims test series, to pass the UPSC Prelims exam. Post-test analysis helps applicants identify their strengths and improvements and improve their scores in the preliminary rounds.

Top IAS Test Series

Vision IAS Test Series
Mode Online /Offline IAS Test Series
Contact Number +91-9019066066
Contact Information 2nd floor, Apsara Arcade,Near Gate-7 Karol Bagh Metro Station,
1/8 b, Pusa Road, Karol Bagh, Delhi – 110005/
  • Prelims Test Series
  • Mains Test Series
  • Essay Test Series

Why choose our program?

Post-test analysis

Increase scores with in-depth analysis and corrective action

Closely aligned with the UPSC program

Understand the requirements and prepare effectively based on the exam requirements.

Full Preliminary Program Coverage

live test chat

An interactive and detailed discussion of the tests through live videos.


  1. The tests are planned in three ways: basic, applied, and complete. 2. Value-Added Materials, Supplemental Materials, and Current Topics are provided in electronic copies.
  2. Expert phone and email chat support.
  3. Personalized credentials that give you dashboards, test analysis, performance analysis, etc.

The whole series of tests in the GS sector in India

The network test suite is the hallmark of VisionIAS. Every year, thousands of students use the VisioniAS test suite, based on the INNOVATIVE ASSESSMENT SYSTEM, to improve their scores. The overwhelming response from students and the large increase each year is a living testament to our commitment to quality. The Vision AS test suite has become an essential tool for any serious applicant.

Why choose our program?

Response Writing and Skill Development

Increase your chances of clearing your hands with intense practice

Detailed evaluation

Evaluate the context and content of the alignment. The final competition and much more

Full coverage of the sector program

Thoroughly prepare complex and relevant topics that are important to Mains

Structure and presentation of the answers Learn to present your answers and improve your notes

Expert in feedback and evaluation.

Understand the context of the questions through macro and micro feedback, comments, and suggestions.

live test chat

detailed live discussion in the form of videos about the tests for better understanding

Rank-6 Legacy IAS Test Series

The UPSC Prelims 2022 test suite is now available at Legacy IAS Academy. Many students take our UPSC Prelims test series each year. The feedback we received for our 2021 UPSC test series confirms the high level of readiness of the UPSC series. Through our UPSC test series, we offer the candidates a perfect and advanced approach and the strategies to tackle the UPSC Prelims 2022 effectively.

21 attempts (15 GS + 6 CSAT)

11 GS tests per subject + 4 full tests + 6 CSAT

It includes news, economic surveys, budgets, government programs, and analysis of test scores powered by AI (artificial intelligence).

We also place a lot of importance on the CSAT, as it has been observed that many students fail the CSAT exams even though they do well on the GS 1 exam at the preschool level.

Top IAS Test Series

Legacy IAS Test Series
Mode Online /Offline IAS Test Series
Contact Number +91 9606900005
Contact Information #1535, 39th Cross Rd, Kottapalya, 4th T Block East, Jayanagara 9th Block, Jayanagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560041
  • Prelims Test Series
  • Mains Test Series
  • Essay Test Series

What does our Best Prelims 2022 test series include?

  • Over the last 3-4 years, an average of 55 questions have come up from our test series and our monthly news collection. For example: in the UPSC Preliminary Exam 2019, 2020, and 2021.
  • APM 2022 includes 21 tests plus 6 full CSAT tests
  • The APM test suite covers the entire UPSC preliminary round plan based on current trends. This will help students build concepts and score well on the upcoming 2022 pre-exam.
  • Areas of special interest are current affairs, science and technology, the environment, economic research, the budget, and various government programs.
  • We are one of the best institutes to provide students with performance-based feedback using artificial intelligence and data analysis methods.
  • We offer All India Rank based on AI analysis.
  • Telephone service available for any questions related to the concept for students. Students will be able to reserve places for the Doubt Resolution Sessions.
  • Value-added suggestions are provided, such as a compilation of current affairs, GDP summaries, business surveys, and budget announcements and conferences.
  • Students can reschedule the test as needed, but cannot prepare in advance.
  • Students can take the exam at the center (Bangalore) or take the tests online. You will receive the access data online.

What are the benefits of the Legacy IAS Academy pretest series?

We weigh the topics on the tests based on UPSC trends from the previous exam.

Our test questions are created by a team of experts with over 10 years of experience because we make no compromises here.

We provide the best answers and approaches for each question, as well as tips on how to solve the questions.

This schedule is a well-thought-out process that, if followed, will help to complete the exams quickly. It stimulates and rationalizes their learning approaches, compels them to achieve the objective, and ensures a productive and complete preparation.

How does Legacy IAS Academy pre-test for online students?

As well as our own online platform for courses, we also use our own platform for online testing. IAS Academy’s legacy online testing portal makes it easy for our online students to take pretests and sector tests.

The electronic testing platform allows for smooth navigation through preliminary questions (MCQs) and provisions are also available to mark questions for later attempts and review marked questions.

Pretests are scored and results and batch rankings are available immediately after testing is complete.

Rank-7 Vajiram and Ravi’s IAS Test Series

The pre-exam is by far the most difficult phase of the civil service exam, with nearly 5,000 candidates sitting for the exam each year. After scoring the GS Paper 2 – CSAT in 2015, the GS Paper-1 became more important in determining a candidate’s success in the pre-exam, which aims to weed out non-serious candidates from the main exam. Since only 100 questions determine your admission to the main exam, the error rate in this phase is minimal. In addition to changes to the pretest pattern, GS 1 work is subject to frequent changes in the types of questions it contains. While the GS 1 document from 2010 to 2014 focused on conceptual understanding in conventional areas, in 2015 and 2016 it focused on factual current affairs. On the other hand, the 2017, 2018, and 2019 jobs tested candidates’ creative intelligence and problem-solving ability. The GS Paper 1 2017-19 was an interesting mix of questions ranging from an epistemological understanding of key political underpinnings like freedom, equality, etc. to most of the current topics like Google taxes, AI, blockchain technology, UPI, etc. The exam can impose you, we try to follow the dynamics of the pre-test.

Top IAS Test Series

Vajiram and Ravi’s IAS Test Series
Mode Online /Offline IAS Test Series
Contact Number (011) 41007400
Fee Structure
Contact Information
  • Prelims Test Series
  • Mains Test Series
  • Essay Test Series
9-B, Bada Bazaar Marg,Old Rajinder Nagar,New Delhi Delhi – 110060

For the sake of simplicity, the preparation for the UPSC pre-test can be divided into several stages. The initial phase includes the creation of the concept and the coverage of the program, followed by the organization of the study materials and the revision. Vajiram and Ravi are unique in consistently delivering at this stage of their preparation through class lectures, downloads, and postings related to news and yellow books (study materials). Also, our recent initiatives such as news-based mobile app, online student portal, monthly concerts, magazine roundups, etc. provide additional support for ongoing updates to study materials throughout the year. However, creating the concept and covering the program is only the first step in preparing for the preliminary rounds of UPSC. Continuous assessment and exam-focused performance improvement through testing is the critical next step that completes the full cycle of your UPSC preparation.


When pretesting, MC questions are the preferred scoring method because they ensure consistency, efficiency, transparency, and most importantly, objectivity. The previous test is carried out by the UPSC on a Sunday in June of each year. This year, the pre-test is scheduled for June 5, 2022.


In line with our motto “Test yourself before UPSC tests you”, we are pleased to announce the start of the Public Service Simulate Test Pre-Test Series 2022 test. OMR-based Mock Tests, held on Sundays, simulate exam-like conditions to train you to respond to the challenges the exam presents. The tests are designed and developed by a group of experts with a keen eye on the exam pattern. Vajiram & Ravi is unique in its approach to the Prelim test series as it offers explanatory lectures from its expert teachers along with explanatory solutions and answers. The test series helps candidates monitor their progress over long months of preparation and continuously improve their performance.


Vajiram and Ravi are pioneers of the IAS Prelims test suite program with over 40 years of experience. The Vajiram and Ravi Test Series initiative began when elective subjects were tested in preschool. As a result, the institute has a large number of questions that have been created by experts over the years and generates new quality questions every year in sync with the civil service exam. The type of questions, composition of items, and number of tests are all designed to get you into the zone of certainty in your quest to pass the UPSC pretest. The number of practice tests is designed to cover different question patterns according to the UPSC Prelims test administered by UPSC, in addition to the coverage and timely review of the program. This gives you great freedom to work on strategy, identify strengths and weaknesses, apply and reapply new success mantras, whatever the type of document.

The nature of the questions will test your clarity of thought, conceptual understanding, and consistency in your preparation. In addition, explanations of the questions are provided to help you recompose your thinking, as well as additional information that you may have missed during the preparation phase. The test suite will also include a variety of GS Paper II Practice Tests (CSAT) to ensure no stone is left unturned. This series of online pre-tests includes an all-India ranking to give you a fair assessment of your competitive position. Although being competitive is the only way to win a competition, continuous improvement is the only way to stay competitive, which is the sole goal of Vajiram and Ravi’s Prelims Test Series 2022.

Rank-8 ALS IAS Test Series

The Pre-Test Series program is one of the most requested short-term courses offered by ALS. The program is carefully designed, with an emphasis on formulating multiple-choice questions, ensuring that participants are prepared for the unexpected. It includes 20 tests in two levels.

LEVEL-I: Includes 12 unit tests, 9 GS, and 3 CSAT. This is a comprehensive syllabus for the IAS 2021 pre-exam. The course will help you practice, update, and deepen your knowledge in the corresponding module and improve the relevance of your pre-exam efforts.

LEVEL-II: 4 mock tests are specially designed considering the exact pattern of the previous test. These tests give you hands-on experience and ultimately prepare you for the pre-exam.

The program will help you in several ways:

1. To understand what to focus on

2. Become aware of and comfortable with the changing pattern of the paper.

3. Allows you to complete all the challenges easily by answering questions

4. Help you understand the negative brand approach

5. Improved time management

6. 7. How to use space-time mind maps Helps you learn the art of elimination and zeroing to get the right answers.

8. Teach the use of spontaneous judgment and common sense

9. Become familiar with the different ways of using non-disciplinary knowledge to answer the questions of a specific discipline

10. How to prepare and address the question in the news

11. Understand techniques for answering assertive thinking questions and another specific category of questions

12. How to avoid mistakes in the exam room

Top IAS Test Series

ALS IAS Test Series
Mode Online /Offline IAS Test Series
Contact Number +91-9891601133
Contact Information 1st & 2nd Floor Aggarwal Auto Mall A-Block, Plot II, Shalimar Place District Center, Outer Ring Road, Delhi 110088
  • Prelims Test Series
  • Mains Test Series
  • Essay Test Series



The program ensures systematic accelerated repetition and offers ample scope to memorize and memorize key points that students tend to overlook under pressure and lack of time.


One of the strengths of this course is the smart way to test your own performance. The entire program has been divided into modules, which are classified into main chapters.


Helps in general performance analysis and evaluation of questions, topics and levels.


A clever feature of this program is the provision of an “audio clip” for each chapter to help students quickly and clearly summarize the topic. The audio clip is meticulously written by the expert faculty with an emphasis on the importance and meaning of the topic at hand.


It is a tailor-made user-friendly interface that can be optimally used anytime, anywhere. It offers you a stress-free, effortless and comprehensive environment to review and pass your exams, even in your daily non-academic life of traveling, walking, cooking, etc.


Expert step-by-step guidance and interaction with top-tier mentors and instructors throughout the course make it a must-have for any serious aspiring student. Our simple and practical strategy is to keep the preparation process dynamic and help candidates understand the exact demand for the UPSC exam.

Rank-9 SRIRAM’s IAS Test Series

Sriram IAS proposes an extensive series of tests for the IAS Prelims et Mains in order to improve the preparation of his students and prepare them for the final battle. The series of tests is intended for Ceux, which is the end of the day, the preparation of the base, and its familiarization with the different topics and concepts.

The Sriram IAS test suite offers an authentic simulation of the exam model and a good level of student preparation.

Top IAS Test Series

SRIRAM’s IAS Test Series
Mode Online /Offline IAS Test Series
Contact Number 011 4243 7002
Contact Information B/10, Pusa Road, Bada Bazar Rd, near Metro Pillar No. 112, Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110060
  • Prelims Test Series
  • Mains Test Series
  • Essay Test Series

Key Features of the Sriram IAS test series

  • The test suite is systematically targeted at the IAS program and strictly follows the UPSC model
  • It is created and evaluated by IAS experts and competent teachers.
  • The tests cover both the static and routine parts of GS and have a good mix of easy and hard questions.
  • It allows applicants to become familiar with the dynamics of entering IAS and streamline their preparation accordingly.

Rank-10 Khan Study IAS Test Series

The KSG IAS Institute is the first institute to offer IAS and MPPSC training to candidates across the country. With impeccable course materials and world-class faculty, the KSG IAS Institute has been educating tomorrow’s leaders for over 13 years. The KSG IAS Institute was founded in 2008 based on the vision of Dr. Arkansas founded Kan. The academy offers regular instructional programs for students, where students can interact with other students and teachers and learn all the details of the civil service exam.

Institute Highlights

  • Comprehensive Study Material
  • Simple course structure
  • Real-time lab experience
  • Online training available
  • Expert trainers efficient learning
  • Instructor-led training sessions
  • Flexible schedules

Top IAS Test Series

Khan Study IAS Test Series
Mode Online /Offline IAS Test Series
Contact Number 097173 80832
Fee Structure N/A
Contact Information 2521, Hudson Lane, Vijay Nagar, Near G.T.B. Metro Station, New Delhi, Delhi 110009
  • Prelims Test Series
  • Mains Test Series
  • Essay Test Series


Student Frequently Ask Questions

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  • What are the Kerala’s top IAS Test Series classes?
  • Which is the best IAS preparation academy in India?
  • How much will be the cost of coaching for IAS in Kerala?
  • The Fees for IAS Test Series in Kerala can go from 1.25 Lakhs to as high as 2.5 Lakhs.
  • Which is the best online coaching for IAS?
  • Is it a must to go to Kerala for IAS Test Series?

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