Top 10 Best IIT-JEE Coaching In Hyderabad

Hyderabad is currently the largest and the capital of the Indian state called Andhra Pradesh. The city covers an area of ​​nearly 650 square kilometers and is situated on the banks of the Musi River.

The Musi River is located on the Deccan Plateau in the northern part of South India.

It should be noted that much of the city is built on mountainous terrain and also around artificial lakes such as Hussain Sagar Lake. The city currently has a population of around 6.9 million, with around 9.7 million in the city’s metropolitan area.

It is also the fourth most populous state in India and has a manufacturing output of US$74 billion; Hyderabad is the fifth-largest contributor to the Gross Domestic Product or GDP of India.

When it comes to JEE preparation training centers in Hyderabad, it is worth noting that about 19% of all students who apply for IIT JEE are from this city.

Therefore, IITs across India have around 9,885 places per year, of which around 1,900% are filled by students from Hyderabad.

In fact, this is attracting a large number of students to the training centers in Hyderabad as far as IIT is concerned and thus it will slowly overtake the number in Kota, Rajasthan.

The best training centers for IIT JEE in Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh send around 19% of students to IIT JEE and top the ranking of all Indian states in sending students to 17 IITs with a total of 9885 places. This means that around 1900 students from Andhra Pradesh will be selected for IIT JEE every year and Hyderabad, as the state capital, will make the largest contribution. This wide range is attracting a large number of students to Hyderabad for IIT preparation training and is slowly overtaking Kota in the amount of training available for the IIT JEE and other engineering exams. Best IIT JEE Coaching Institutes Hyderabad List is a must-read for aspiring engineers to have the best engineers in the future.

Hyderabad is the capital of the largest city in the Indian state of Telangana and the capital of Andhra Pradesh. In terms of education, Hyderabad is known for its importance in learning in India. This extension has two central universities, three famous universities, and many state universities. The Common Entrance Examination is an entrance examination for engineers that is taken for admission to various engineering colleges in India. It consists of two different exams: JEE Main and JEE Advanced. Education in Hyderabad is very productive for all the aspirants as there are several research universities like the Indian Institute of Technology and many other renowned organizations in the education sector. If you want to pass the best Hyderabad engineer entrance exams, you must join the best IIT-JEE training in Hyderabad with the latest updates on lot size, fee structure, teacher support, study materials, last year’s results, etc.

Engineering – the most sought-after profession these days. Everyone aspires to be an engineer in life. Family members hope that their children will grow up to be engineers. But have you ever thought that every year around 10-15,000 students in India swoon as engineers? Although it is true that being an engineer is not enough to face the modern generation.

Learn More About IIT-JEE Exam Training in Hyderabad

If you want your brilliant career to continue in the future, you have to be exceptional. And the first step on this path is to pass the engineer entrance exam with a high rank across India. Then choosing the best university will bring you closer to your goal. But many students only fail in their first grade. However, this does not mean that the student does not have potential. The student could be top of the class or a very smart student, but failing the engineering entrance exam was still important. In fact, the student may have good knowledge, but may not have used it correctly in the exam. Therefore, students who want to take the engineering entrance exam need proper guidance to hone their knowledge and skills in order to apply for the exams.

Well, when it comes to the consultant role, it’s done very well by the best engineering training centers. They help improve students’ knowledge and build their confidence. But do not forget, there are certain parameters that must be taken into account when choosing these types of institutions such as

  • knowledge of the institute
  • faculty quality
  • teaching quality
  • success rate
  • Affordable structural costs, etc.

If you want to join the best IIT-JEE training institutes in Hyderabad, then you must search the following list of the best IIT-JEE training institutes for engineering exam preparation to pass the most coveted competition in India to be proud. . Become an engineer in the service of the nation. Yesterday’s preparation, today’s engineer.

The best IIT training in Hyderabad will help you to pass the IIT JEE exam. We have done an extensive research to get the best information on the best IIT training in Hyderabad Telangana.

List of Top IIT-JEE Coaching in Hyderabad
IGNITE Rank – 1
Spark Academy Rank – 2
NANO IIT Rank – 3
Sri Chaitanya Rank – 4
AAKASH Rank – 5
VIITJEE Rank – 6
Aspirants IIT Rank – 7
Sravani educare Rank – 8
ALLEN Career Rank – 9
Spark Academy Rank – 10

Rank-1 IGNITE IIT-JEE Coaching in Hyderabad

IGNITE Junior College strives to provide the best education with the highest standards for advanced learners. IGNITE helps them carve out a place in this competitive world. Success is achieved by those who strive for excellence under the guidance of experts in the field.

We have been involved in objective IIT & NEET-related training for over 6 years. We are now ready to take on the responsibility of being mentors who can truly transform students into not only subject matter experts, but evaluators as well. Our unique curriculum helps guide students to the best-accredited universities, vocational colleges, and national colleges. Therefore, IGNITE acts as a perfect career launchpad to place students on desired goals.

IGNITE works with students both intellectually and spiritually. Intellectually, in addition to technical knowledge, students are at the peak of personality development. Time management skills and inspired by motivational speeches of the great achievers from various fields such as public service, leadership, professional courses, etc. who are role models for this generation. Students will learn memorization techniques, strong study skills that will improve their study ability, and boost their morale and confidence.

In addition to training students in IPE, we offer specialized programs that easily prepare them for competitive exams such as JEE MAIN/ADVANCED, NEET, etc. We have earned the trust of parents by consistently delivering phenomenal results for over 3 years. We would like to thank the parents, students, and all employees who have contributed to this success.

Top IIT-JEE Coaching In Hyderabad

IGNITE IIT-JEE Coaching in Hyderabad
Mode Online /Offline IIT-JEE Coaching
Contact Number +91 70365 11111
Fee Structure Fees 55000
Contact Information no – 14, sri sai nagar, nizampet x – roads, hyderabad – 500079, opp. metro pillar no – a708
IIT JEE Coaching Notes, IIT JEE Exam Preparation Booklets, IIT JEE Coaching Notes, Video Lectures, Live Classes with faculty, Chat Facility Available


Today, in society as a whole, parents only give top priority to the average level of education. Regardless of their financial whims, all parents want to provide their beloved children with the best education that they can easily incorporate into their lives.

With the passage of time, education has entered the shadows of society to lead it to the age of wisdom and knowledge. Many institutions are created that play an important role at various levels. However, the biggest challenge is at the intermediate level, because it is the bridge between school and professional life.

Students must overcome this intermediate stage at their earliest age when they are expected to experience physical, physiological, and psychological changes.

Here only the role of IGNITE enters the picture. It has become very difficult for us to manage young minds by carefully imparting quality education. We are pleased that we have been able to enrich their lives through holistic development.

IGNITE adds to its allure by empowering young scholars and has even managed to turn them into all-rounders.

The IGNITE JUNIOR COLLEGE, run by the VISION EDUCATION SOCIETY, aims to provide the best education with a hands-on approach to teaching. IGNITE is committed to making students’ academic journeys unforgettable by unleashing students’ hidden talents.


Along with training for Council exams, we offer specialized programs to prepare students for competitive exams such as JEE MAIN/ADVANCED, NEET with the greatest of ease. We have already earned the trust of parents by consistently delivering phenomenal results over the years. We would like to thank the parents, students, and all employees who have contributed to this success.

We would like to continue the success journey below by using our sincere efforts in the most transparent way. IGNITE takes every aspect seriously, helping to ignite the hidden talents of little ones and molding them to be glorified in this competitive world.

We focus not only on academics but also on entertainment activities such as sports, arts, singing… so that our students can easily participate in national sporting events and cultural festivals with their interests.

Rank-2 Spark IIT-JEE Coaching in Hyderabad

This is one of the leading IIT training centers in Hyderabad that offer IIT JEE training centers online and IIT JEE training centers offline. In the list of best IIT JEE training institutes in Hyderabad, Spark Academy was ranked 2nd for IIT JEE exam preparation. There is a meticulous and demanding strategy, driven by the most capable faculty of outstanding chefs who handle the rigorous requirements of JEE. The teachers in This IIT Coaching ICON board of directors shape future IITians with meticulous care, combining the skills of an architect, the artistry of an engineer, and also the patience of a sculptor. Kota-Rajasthan, Delhi, Chandigarh, Hamirpur, Mandi-Himachal Pradesh, Indore, Bokaro, and Ranchi College provide homework coordination help, sample journals, and study materials.

Top IIT-JEE Coaching In Hyderabad

Spark IIT-JEE Coaching in Hyderabad
Mode Online /Offline IIT-JEE Coaching
Contact Number 8977525461 9133380172
Information 3-4-627, 1, Narayanguda Rd, Chitrapuri Colony, Bagh Lingampalli, Narayanguda, Hyderabad, Telangana 500027
Contact Information IIT JEE Coaching Notes, IIT JEE Exam Preparation Booklets, IIT JEE Coaching Notes, Video Lectures, Live Classes with faculty, Chat Facility Available.
Fee Structure Rs-2,00,000/- for 2 Years

How useful is Spark Academy for your IIT-JEE exam preparation needs?

  • It offers various courses including EMCAT, JEE, NEET, IIT-JEE Foundation, First and Second Year Classes, School Tutorials.
  • Smart and flexible learning
  • Hassle-free learning environment
  • Attention is given to each student

Rank-3 NANO IIT-JEE Coaching in Hyderabad

The Special Coaching Center operates with the highest academic standards and key values that underpin its goals and put serious IIT aspirants on the fast track to success through the best IIT JEE training in Hyderabad.

NANO IIT-JEE Coaching Hyderabad
Mode Online /Offline IIT-JEE Coaching
Contact Number 040 -2760 7070
Fee Structure IIT-JEE Exam Study Material, IIT-JEE Test Series Offline / Online Test series
Contact Information Pakhal Plaza, OU Road, Near Shankar Mutt, Nallakunta, Hyderabad – 44
IIT JEE Coaching Notes, IIT JEE Exam Preparation Booklets, IIT JEE Coaching Notes, Video Lectures, Live Classes with faculty, Chat Facility Available


With over two decades of IIT JEE coaching experience, the NANO team strives to enable students to reach their full potential through IIT JEE’s regular two-year integrated training program and long-term training year. for IIT JEE in Hyderabad.


Our goal is to be the institute of choice for IIT training in Hyderabad, providing exceptional value to our students and empowering them to succeed through results-based, personalized learning opportunities.

NANO & Special Coaching Center strives to provide high-level competitive coaching, specifically IIT JEE and BITSAT preparation through rigorous coursework in an inspiring environment conducive to learning. We aspire to be the best university offering integrated IIT training in Hyderabad.

Our core values ​​define the culture of our organization and provide the framework for what we consistently offer our students:

  • Knowledge: We provide expert resources through the best teachers, infrastructure, and course materials to help students gain a deep understanding of their subjects.
  • Guidance: We provide students with the personal tutoring and tutoring they need to be successful.
  • Discipline: We create a disciplined environment to enable learning.
  • Excellence: We hold ourselves to the highest standards in everything we do.
  • Results: We are committed to helping students achieve their goals.


NANO has integrated the best team of teachers to make it the best IIT coaching institute. Thanks to the tireless efforts of this dedicated team of full-time faculty, NANO successfully sends dozens of students to IIT, NITS, IIIT, and BITS each year.


Lessons in NANO are based on giving students a solid understanding of concepts rather than relying on a limited set of memorized formulas. This ensures that students enjoy the learning process and do not find it burdensome. The goal of results-oriented IIT JEE preparation is achieved by ensuring that the underlying concepts are understood without blind memorization.


NANO recognizes the potential inherent in each student and promotes it without comparison with others. The academic progress of each student receives the attention it deserves and the focus is not limited to a few brilliant minds.

At most IIT training campuses, students are segregated by “mixing” and the best teachers are restricted to the senior level only. At NANO, all students receive the best care and attention, making the NANO campus the best IIT and BITSAT training center in Hyderabad.


To increase student productivity, tablets feature comprehensive course materials, video lectures, and assignments. All tests are administered via tablets, ensuring that students develop their skills by completing tests online against others.


All assessments conducted on the tablets result in smart analytics that provides accurate insights into student performance. It’s not just about comparative metrics, but also skills, time management, exam strategy, and behavioral analysis. These are used to guide students through every step of the learning process at the best IIT academy in Hyderabad.


Separate bedrooms with 24-hour care are available for boys and girls. Nutritious food is hygienically prepared at the school and there is a school kitchen. As the top trainer at the IIT institute in Hyderabad, NANO believes that students can be more productive when they have a familiar environment.

Rank-4 Sri Chaitanya IIT-JEE Coaching in Hyderabad.

Sri Chaitanya began his historic journey in 1986 by founding a junior college for girls in Vijayawada. And since then there has been no turning back. The founding of the Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions was the result of a vision rather than the parent institution of an institution. Our founders and mentors, Dr. BS Rao Garu and Dr. Jhansi Lakshmi Bai Garu have a long history in the medical profession and decided to consider a new approach to mid-level education. A systematized methodology was introduced which improved the educational system in Andhra Pradesh. With the professionalization of teaching and the management of human resources, a new chapter opens in pre-university education in the state.

Sri Chaitanya’s growth, after 1986, has been phenomenal and is part of folklore. A Junior College for Boys (1991), branches in Hyderabad (1996), Visakhapatnam (1998), Tirupathi and Guntur (2000), Eluru, Bhimavaram, Rajahmundhry, Kakinada, and Machilipatnam (2002), Tenali, Ongloe, Srikakulam, Amalapuram, Chittoor, Nellore, and Ananthapur (2003) in Andhra Pradesh.

Sri Chaitanya continued her march and took over the state. Branches were opened in Delhi (2004), Hamirpur-Himachal Pradesh (2005), and Bellary – Karnataka. In 2006, the institution opened IIT-JEE/AIEEE/PMT training centers in Mandi-Himachal Pradesh, Ranchi and Bokaro – Jarkhand, and Indore Madhya Pradesh. The group continued its advance with the establishment of Sri Chaitanya Techno Schools in various districts of Pennsylvania in 2008 and expanded to fourteen districts in the state and three districts in Andhra Pradesh, including four branches in Hyderabad in 2011.

Top IIT-JEE Coaching In Hyderabad

Sri Chaitanya IIT-JEE Coaching in Hyderabad
Mode Online /Offline IIT-JEE Coaching
Contact Number +91-9912373322
Fee Structure Rs – 1,53,000
Contact Information Opp : R.S Brothers,Eureka Court Apartment-F/303,Ameerpet, Hyderabad,
Information IIT JEE Coaching Notes, IIT JEE Exam Preparation Booklets, IIT JEE Coaching Notes, Video Lectures, Live Classes with faculty, Chat Facility Available


It is a time when the spirit and the soul must unite to fight against the circumstances. It means a fusion of solid knowledge and spirit. A sound mind is inherent in an Indian, but sound knowledge is best acquired at the national level, not at the state level. Only knowledge gained from wise teachers, and not just qualified teachers, can stand the test of time. And this superior knowledge is imparted in the institutions that offer professional training in all fields at the national level.

Sri Chaitanya enhances the lives of students by integrating preliminary training into a regular counseling program. Sri Chaitanya Junior Colleges offers exclusive university exam preparation courses: ICON, NEON, MEDICON, LEO, iCAP, and IAS Academy. Students are ready to study in the best institutions in the country: IIT, AFMC, NIT, AIIMS, etc. in the fields of engineering and medicine; CA/ICAWI/CS in the accounting field. Sri Chaitanya has also instituted a 6-year Indian Civil Service Preparation Program – Pre-Level (CSAT), Hands & Interview (Personality Test) for students to attend IAS, IPS, IFS, etc. soon and reach the highest positions. in the public sector Students who graduate from Sri Chaitanya learn to pursue careers, not jobs. You become tough, mentally.


It has been observed that students in rural areas have little access to VET either due to lack of awareness or lack of resources. Sri Chaitanya has taken the lead in improving the careers and lives of underprivileged students by providing quality education at a minimal cost. We want these students to achieve high places in their careers because of their ability and service. Therefore, it is imperative that students seek out and focus on vocational training where it is available with the right infrastructure, both physical and intellectual. The years invested in learning and acquiring knowledge cannot be recovered. Therefore, they must be invested wisely. Parents must be aware of the facts that surround them so that their children receive the proper guidance without which their careers would be anchored instead of flying high. Where flimsy knowledge can ruin a person’s career and life, true knowledge can strengthen a person’s character.

The true character can bring out our best quality to fight against the worst of adversity. The choice you make should be based on farsightedness, not nearsightedness. We wish you the best of success in the profession of your choice.

Rank-5 AAKASH IIT-JEE Coaching in Hyderabad

Aakash – An established name in JEE and NEET preparation, leading students to success since 1988. With a heritage of over 32 years, over 200 centers in India, over 2,200 experienced teachers, and over 2.5 lakh of happy students, Aakash is known for its comprehensive and results-oriented JEE and NEET preparation programs. BYJU’S, India’s largest education technology company and a global leader in technology-enhanced learning solutions, is now partnering with Aakash to bring you an unmatched learning experience with an unmatched edge. As BYJU shares our values ​​and vision, we look forward to continuing our efforts to enhance our current offering for students, build on our strengths and add value, and work towards launching innovative products and courses. Our primary goal remains to help you succeed and to provide you with a learning experience that will help you achieve your academic goals.

Aakash Educational Services Limited (AESL) is a leading educational institution in India providing comprehensive test preparation services for students preparing for medical and technical entrance exams, school/school exams, KVPY, NTSE, Olympics, and other level exams.

The first center under “Aakash” was founded by MJC Chaudhry in 1988 and provided training services for medical entrance exams. Today, we are known for providing niche exam preparation services for foundation, technical, and medical level entrance exams in our various verticals namely Aakash Medical, Aakash IIT-JEE, and Aakash Foundations. We have an India-wide network of over 200 Aakash centers and a student body of over 250,000.

Top IIT-JEE Coaching In Hyderabad

AAKASH IIT-JEE Coaching in Hyderabad
Mode Online /Offline IIT-JEE Coaching
Contact Number +918800013003
Fee Structure Rs – 2,40,000 for 2 yr Rs – 1,40,000 for 1 yr
Contact Information No 2/22/261/2, 1st & 2nd Floor, Kukatpally AS Raju Nagar Hyderabad, Telangana – 500072 India
IIT JEE Coaching Notes, IIT JEE Exam Preparation Booklets, IIT JEE Coaching Notes, Video Lectures, Live Classes with faculty, Chat Facility Available

Akash medical

For over 31 years, Aakash Medical has nurtured the aspirations of students who dream of a career in medicine. Every year our students achieve top rankings and show excellent results in various medical entrance exams like NEET, AIIMS*, and JIPMER*. In the last six years, our students have achieved first place in All India in various medical entrance exams. Starting as a single center with only 12 students, today Aakash Institute is ranked by India Today Magazine as the number 1 training institute among the top 25 training institutes in the country for medical entrance exam preparation.

Aakash IIT-JEE

Introduced in 2007, Aakash IIT-JEE prepares students for JEE (Core and Advanced) and other engineering entrance exams. With its integrated teaching methodology, focused learning environment, and technology-enhanced education, Aakash IIT-JEE offers cutting-edge educational solutions to help students achieve their goals. Our students are among the best every year and have excellent results in all engineering entrance exams. Students who want to pass engineering entrance exams can rely on Aakash IIT-JEE for quality, results-oriented exam preparation.

Aakash Foundations

Fostering the aspirations of junior grade students in various competitions and scholarship exams like NTSE, Olympics, etc., and preparing them for school/agency exams, the Aakash Foundations started operations in 2009. It is also the youngest division of AESL. With his innovative teaching methods, he consistently bears the fruits of success and guides his students to higher school/board levels and university-level competitive and scholarship exams. Furthermore, it lays a solid foundation for medical, technical, and other competitions in advance.

programs and services

We offer our services through face-to-face, digital, and distance programs. Our face-to-face learning programs guarantee personalized attention and aim to develop the conceptual knowledge of our students. Our digital programs allow students to pace themselves and are popular with the tech-savvy generation. Our Distance Learning Programs (DLPs) deliver the same content delivered in the classroom in a cost-effective way, helping students learn at their own pace and convenience. We also offer short face-to-face courses for students who want to deepen their knowledge just before exams and get an extra head start.

At Aakash, we always put the “student” first and strive to continue to meet the needs of our students. Our focus on maintaining the highest standards of teaching, results-based test preparation, a healthy competitive environment, and experienced teachers has helped us earn the trust of millions of students and parents.

Why should students or parents choose Aakash Institute for Aakash IIT-JEE, Aakash Medical and Aakash Foundation?

  1. Integrated pedagogical approach

Aakash’s standardized educational delivery methodology ensures seamless and consistent training by our faculty members. The teaching methodology is so unique and holistic in that it produces not only great classroom discussions but also insightful learning materials. Each conference is planned to ensure that the content delivered is standardized, comprehensive, and completed on time. Aakash’s concept is not only to teach for entrance exams, but also for board exams. Every effort is made to ensure concepts are clear to the student.

  1. Well-qualified faculty

Aakash has a large pool of talented and highly qualified teachers recruited from the International Institute of Information Technology (IIT), Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), National Institute of Technology (NIT), leading universities, and the training industry. Akash’s core structure is firmly based on a team of highly professional faculty, comprising a perfect mix of academics and subject matter experts. Excellent qualifications and many years of experience of faculty members help simplify complex problems for students. Aakash attracts the best talent in the industry in all disciplines from all corners of the country.

  1. Good results in competitive exams like NEET & JEE

Free yourself from local average tuition fees and the limitations of a lack of good study materials. Get quality Aakash lectures and study materials at your fingertips.

  1. Doubt Resolution Sessions

Aakash students find the Doubt Resolution sessions very useful. During the problem-solving lessons, students can ask questions about any topic to the teachers of that topic.

  1. Tests and assignments

Aakash contracts give Aakashians a noticeable advantage over others. Students are expected to complete the tasks given at the end of each topic on their own, without teacher support. This happens routinely. Aakash assignments ensure that students focus on two of the most important factors required to pass the most difficult exams, namely subject knowledge and regular subject practice with a clear goal of time management. and minimize errors as studies progress. Our missions are known for improving concepts, reducing errors, improving concentration, improving test scores, and most importantly, ensuring selection for entrance exams.

  1. Motivational sessions

From time to time, Aakash hosts motivational classes to inspire students to become winners. Our Honorable President, Mr. J.C. Chaudhry leads these sessions himself, ensuring that each student is motivated to tackle competitive exams with confidence.

  1. Meeting of Parents and Teachers

The Parent-Teacher Conference (PTM) at Aakash is an integral part of our education and feedback system. We often invite parents to meet with the teachers in their parish to get an accurate picture of their performance. It is also an opportunity for Aakash to interact with parents and motivate them to help Aakash and his students achieve the common goal of qualifying for the entrance exam selection. Another important advantage is that parents can meet the teachers directly and know the weak points of their children.

  1. Disciplined and focused learning environment

With over 200 centers in India, Aakash is a leader in hosting students for medical and technical exams. Aakash follows a good work ethic and has a positive environment in which a person can learn and grow. Aakash has motivated and mentored thousands of aspirants serving the nation as eminent physicians and engineers.

  1. Red Bread India

Aakash is a leading institute for Pre-Medical/NEET training and preparation for IIT JEE Major and Advanced Entrance Examinations across India. Our decades of experience, thousands of options for medical and technical entrance exams, a national network of more than 186 centers, and a collective base of several thousand students per year have made us a renowned training institute. We offer a wide range of exam preparation services diversified in topics and delivery channels. Our diverse range of services allows us to engage throughout the academic lives of our students from grades 8 to 12, which combined with our extensive presence across India gives us a competitive advantage over other more targeted local providers.

  1. Competition environment with personalized attention

The competitive environment and focused learning at Aakash gives students the edge and exposure they need.

  1. Complete Study Materials

Comprehensive, relevant and original study materials and test papers are created based on the latest exam templates developed by Aakash’s expert faculty.

  1. Digital Learning Programs

Aakash offers the following digital courses:

  • Aakash Live – Live online classes with Aakash faculty are now just a click away with Aakash Live. All from the comfort of your home.
  • Aakash iTutor – An e-learning program with high-quality content for tablets, PCs and mobile devices.
  1. Daily attendance control

You can now track daily/class attendance, send daily/monthly attendance notifications to absentees, and also get biometric/RFID/barcode device attendance.

  1. Recognition and rewards

Aakash has received multiple awards for its innovation and innovative solutions.

  1. Complete test system

In Aakash, students are exposed to different types of test segments namely Bi-Monthly Tests, Semester Tests, Full Program Tests and All India Aakash Test Series (AIATS). Semester tests, which are extensive program tests common to all Aakash centers, are administered to give students first-hand experience of the actual testing environment. Comprehensive program tests are comprehensive tests that cover the entire syllabus of a specific subject. The All India Aakash Test Series (AIATS) is administered to all students in India as well as students in our distance learning program. AIATS gives students the opportunity to test their knowledge among thousands of students across India.

  1. Modern infrastructure

At Akash, we provide students with modern infrastructure and facilities. As part of this effort, we intend to provide air-conditioned classrooms that provide a comfortable learning environment. All classrooms should be well lit and spacious. Our centers aim to have a library that offers students a wide range of books to choose from and keeps them up to date with the latest information. We ensure that our classrooms provide an environment conducive to learning by providing better infrastructure, regular tests and assessments, and strict discipline, among other things.

  1. Monitoring and Review (Monthly Performance Report)

With regular practice tests and AIATS, you can now analyze your performance and check your progress against thousands of Aakash students. Comprehensive performance and progress reports help you better prepare for exams and competitions.

Rank-6 VIITJEE IIT-JEE Coaching in Hyderabad

Make dreams come true with IIT JEE Coaching

The greatest success in college, both on IITs and medical exams, depends on the right mix of guidance, inspiration, dedication, confidence, discipline, and consistent practice. At ViitJee, we start with the right balance of smart and hands-on learning. We understand that only the right strategy, a dynamic knowledge engine, and accurate information can allow applicants to fulfill their dream.

Start living your dream now with your first step towards success by joining the best advice from a panel of seasoned mentors and industry veterans with years of academic excellence.

ViitJee is your one-stop solution to understand the concepts and get good information to prepare for IIT and medical exams.

Learning becomes smarter and more accurate

ViitJee JEE, IIT & NEET Training Institute in Hyderabad is an institute that has stood the test of time year after year. ViitJee IIT and NEET classes have a strong track record in educating students who not only pass the IIT JEE and NEET exams but also shine brightly on the IIT JEE and NEET exams. At ViitJee Coaching we know that the IIT JEE or NEET in India is one of the most difficult exams at this age and therefore requires a lot of determination on the part of the students.

At ViitJee IIT JEE & NEET Coaching in Hyderabad, we first focus on the correct concept for the student and then on the digital problem of the level. Therefore, ViitJee IIT and NEET Exam Classes have proven to be one of the first IIT training institutes in Hyderabad to offer IIT and NEET training on a monthly fee basis.

Especially when you intend to apply for IIT JEE, you really want to compete with the best minds for the best training for IIT JEE. Also, VITJEE Institute in Hyderabad offers you the best IIT JEE training and we can assure you that we are the best IIT JEE training in India. With most of the IIT JEE contenders racing here, the IIT training in Hyderabad has brought back some of the best characters.

Our demonstrative thinking and friendly game plan have earned us a notable name among the best IIT JEE coaches for Hyderabad. The institute has provided proper tutoring to various aspirants and is a productive place of information and meaning-making us the best JEE trainer online.

At VITJEE we believe that you need the best training in Neet since it is one of the most prestigious exams that thousands of students take and do not worry that you have reached one. VITJEE is one of the best neet trainers in Hyderabad. While you get all the facilities in one place, you will also understand your concepts in our top team.

We are the most sought-after training institute for training needs in Hyderabad. We have one of the most talented and experienced teachers who will give you all the help you need for the exam. From the very beginning, we have been committed to serving students who want to prepare for the Neet exam with the best Neet training in Hyderabad.

We offer you the best offline and online training for neet and the most up-to-date learning material for each student. All these facilities help the student a lot in his entrance exam, that is why we are among the most needed training centers in Hyderabad.

Our unique approach to preparing your child and the expert training of our faculty have set us on a successful path to providing the best training for Neet. The training methods used by our professional team and our numerous but sufficient doubt sessions at the end of each course make us the best team of coaches in Hyderabad.

net workout

The main intention of our institute is to provide quality education to students from all over the world. The teachers are people who have the proper education and vast experience in the medical field to give you the best Neet training.

We run a corresponding number of training sessions for weak students who have failed to work with others to acquire their courses and achieve excellent results on their entrance exam. If you are looking for the best neet training centers in Hyderabad or looking for a neet training center near me, VITJEE Institute is the right base. The staff here help students focus more on the subject.

The belief is that the right course, the right assessment methods, and organized information program, and faculty can make a significant difference in the lives of students. Similarly, he does coaching for IIT JEE institutes in Hyderabad.

We conceived the idea of ​​preparing for tough tests, rethinking philosophies, engaging personalities, and setting standards to dominate with certainty, courage, and strong character. All of these qualities have made a remarkable journey from the bottom to the top 10 of IIT JEE online training institutes.

Top IIT-JEE Coaching In Hyderabad

VIITJEE IIT-JEE Coaching in Hyderabad
Mode Online /Offline IIT-JEE Coaching
Contact Number 9000512111
Facilities Highly Experienced Coaching Faculties in the Institute.
Contact Information 687, road, no:37, Rd Number 48, Swamy Ayyappa Society, Guttala_Begumpet, Parvathi Nagar, Madhapur, Telangana 500081
IIT JEE Coaching Notes, IIT JEE Exam Preparation Booklets, IIT JEE Coaching Notes, Video Lectures, Live Classes with faculty, Chat Facility Available


Building on a strong portfolio in preparing future specialists, today VITJEE is a name that can be trusted to provide the best IIT JEE training planning at the Indian level and our efforts have made us one of the best IIT JEE trainers. IIT for IIT JEE in Hyderabad. IIT JEE is the ideal target that shapes brains and offers competitors the most anticipated transition to IITs.

We continue in our complete structure as IIT Concept Oriented. We are considered outstanding achievements as the best IIT trainer and many years of experience that have trained a large number of specialists in Hyderabad.

Extending the legacy, we imagine ourselves today to be up to the arduous task of the difficulties posed by the IIT-JEE. We are proud to be among the top results if you are looking for IIT training near me and we promise to continue to do so by providing the best IIT JEE training in India. We believe that quality focus and support can make anyone do wonders and that is exactly what we plan to do by bringing you the IIT JEE online training.

Rank-7 Aspirants Coaching in Hyderabad

IIT Aspirants JEE Coaching in Hyderabad has a team of four consisting of three subject matter experts and one administrative expert with the sole purpose of providing quality IIT education and coaching to a limited group of students. The best IIT JEE experts from this IIT-JEE training have worked in different institutes for 15-25 years, we know exactly what is important to teach a student for IIT-JEE and that is why we have created IIT-JEE ASPIRANTS Academy. . Aspirants IIT-JEE Coaching is one of the best IIT-JEE Coaching Centers for IIT JEE exam preparation. It is ranked number eight in the list of best IIT training institutes in Hyderabad.

Top IIT-JEE Coaching In Hyderabad

Aspirants IIT-JEE Coaching in Hyderabad
Mode Online /Offline IIT-JEE Coaching
Contact Number +91 7995983290
Fee Structure Rs. 7000+ to about Rs. 17000+
Contact Information 1st floor, st Patrick’s junior college premises,
opp Vijaya diagnostic centre, Nallakunta, Hyderabad,
Telangana – 500044.
48 – 3 – 26, Lane between Sri Krishna Vidya Mandir and Public Library,
Sri Nagar, Beside Day and Night Hospital

Benefits for applicants to the IIT-JEE Academy

  • Limited power for the best care
  • Conceptual and multi learning module
  • Emphasizes fundamentals, understanding, and visualization.
  • Stress Reduction Study
  • Improvisation of skills and uses

Rank-8 Sravani IIT-JEE Coaching in Hyderabad

Sravani Educare is the best teacher training institute in Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad. It is an ISO certified training institute. The founder and CEO of Sravani Educare is Mr. Srikanth. We offer job-oriented training for BE, B.Tech, B.Pharm, Diploma, B.Sc/B.Com, Inter, etc. (CEEP), EAMCET, NEET and IIT -JEE, as well as specialized training for BE, B.Tech, B.Pharm, Diploma, B.Sc/B.Com and Interstudents. Our expert faculty will help you identify your passion and offer one-on-one coaching to prepare you as a skilled, industry-ready professional. Sravani Educare gave a 100% guarantee of success.

Sravani Educare is one of the best training centers in Hyderabad. Our institute is located in Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad. The Sravani Educare Institute has an experienced faculty teaching the students.

Our institute specializes in Eamcet, Neet, Ecet, Polycet training, Engineering tutorials, Polytech tutorials, Intermediate tutorials, tutorials, Subject training, Backward subject training in Dilsukhnagar, Hyderabad. Our teaching center is available in Hyderabad. We also offer job-oriented training such as Junior Lineman Coaching, Industrial Training, Transco, Genco, AE, Sub Engineer, RRB, JE, ALP, etc.

The company plans to continue its aggressive growth rate by adding new courses to its product portfolio and increasing its market penetration through better geographic distribution. These are the guiding principles for the functioning of the Sravani Educare centers. At Sravani Educare, we consider all these principles paramount. At Sravani Educare we try to uphold these principles both in letter and spirit. And we

1) Provide students with the best quality of education.

2) Give students more than we promised them.

3) Charge a very reasonable fee, without sacrificing the quality of the inputs we provide.

4) Act in the best interest of students at all times.

Top IIT-JEE Coaching In Hyderabad

Sravani IIT-JEE Coaching in Hyderabad
Mode Online /Offline IIT-JEE Coaching
Contact Number +91 86862 68585, +91 88851 56665
Fee Structure Rs. 13483
Contact Information Saibaba Temple,Chippa Babaiah Complex, 3rd Floor,Dilsukhnagar
Hyderabad,Telangana – 500060
  • Main cum Advance(JEE)
  • Advance(JEE)
  • Main(JEE)
  • NEET
  • Foundation

Our vision

Our vision is translated into action through programs and a focus on career-oriented activities for the benefit of students and a commitment to creating value as we make Sravani Educare a truly sustainable organization.

Our Mission

Help future teachers discover and appreciate their unique calling in society. To provide future teachers with a stimulating and catalytic environment that is both futuristic and holistic to achieve excellence.

Our values

Facilitate the transformation of students into good people, responsible citizens, and competent professionals, with an emphasis on the assimilation, generation, and dissemination of knowledge.

Rank-9  ALLEN IIT-JEE Coaching in Hyderabad

Necessity is the mother of invention, but here it is the mother of wonder. A miracle that multiplied – ALLEN CAREER INSTITUTE. ALLEN Career Institute is a pioneer institute in the field of training for competitions. ALLEN was established on April 18, 1988, and named in memory of the late Shri Laxmi Narayan Maheshwari, father of four brothers Shri Govind, Shri Rajesh, Shri Naveen, and Shri Brajesh Maheshwari and today has become synonymous with SUCCESS.

In 1988, Shri Rajesh Maheshwari started with only eight disciples and after a few months, Dr. K. G. Vaishnava, the eminent professor of biology, joined him. It was the only institute of its time that offered a framework for all-natural science subjects, i.e. physics, chemistry, biology and mathematics under one roof. This powerful union became the cornerstone of what was then a revolutionary pre-medical training institute.

Year after year new heights of success were reached. The institute achieved a remarkable milestone of 12 selections in Rajasthan PMT in 1991.

Meanwhile he. New to the team is Brajesh Maheshwari, a dynamic individual with an excellent engineering background. The constant and ideal team efforts of the faculty members, the vivid educational philosophy of all HODs, and the visionary stewardship of Shri Rajesh Maheshwari paved the way for a glorious success that led the institute to achieve first place in Rajasthan PMT in 1995. Since ALLEN has been known for creating benchmarks “never before”. The above achievements have been complemented by remarkable progress as our class training students have achieved the best rankings in India in both of India’s prestigious exams, JEE Advanced 2014 and AIPMT 2014. In 2016, ALLEN broke his own astounding records on the results of the previous year by becoming the first institute in the country to produce All India ranks 1,2,3 in both JEE Advanced and NEET-UG from the classroom.

ALLEN is the symbol of a close-knit family of four dedicated brothers that has grown to date to a large group of over 10015 members trusted by over 12 lac+CCP students since 1988. The Institute parallels Indian values, spiritualism, and hard work under the effective guidance of Shri Govind Maheshwari, Shri Naveen Maheshwari – with the devout wishes of Mother Smt. Krishna Devi Maheshwari and blessings from Most Reverend Jagadguru Ramanujacharya Shri Jhalaria Peethadhishwar Swamiji Shri Ghanshyamacharya Ji Maharaj.

Top IIT-JEE Coaching In Hyderabad

ALLEN IIT-JEE Coaching in Hyderabad
Mode Online /Offline IIT-JEE Coaching
Contact Number +91 7827048964
Fee Structure For 1 Year Subscription: Rs. 1,20,000+ 18% GST
For 2 Years Subscription: RS. 3,00,000+ 18% GST
For 3 Years Subscription: RS.4,00,00 + 18% GST
Contact Information Windsor Plaza, Office No.306, Third, New Nallakunta, Hyderabad, Telangana 500044
IIT-JEE Booklets, IIT-JEE Updated Study Material, Online Test Series, Practice Assessments, etc.

The institute is thus on its “Road to Success…”, writing its success story and adding more episodes with brilliant achievements year after year.

Silent Features of Allen Career Institute:-

  • The groups are divided according to mental capacity. If mental performance is chosen, a different assessment is usually made.
  • The resources of this foundation are intelligent.
  • The Allen Institute offers the best exam material.
  • Enrolling in a class to study facilities is definitely the best thing to do.
  • Try not to emphasize the load structure which is too inferior to other top IIT JEE training in Hyderabad.

Rank-10 Spark IIT-JEE Coaching In Hyderabad

Spark Academy has magically changed its students’ futures and built brilliant careers for them.

It helps students identify the true visions of their dreams and guides them to achieve their goal. Create in them a strong feeling that their dreams are reaching the top, no matter what field they choose, where they want to go, and realize what is hidden within them. At Spark Academy, students receive a well-rounded management education designed to defeat opponents in this highly competitive marketplace of modern business. Their journey at Spark Academy gives them a lesson in life perspective to predict market trends, creativity to create innovative business plans, and courage to implement policy. Here, students learn to work side by side in a professional environment as a team.

Top IIT-JEE Coaching In Hyderabad

Spark IIT-JEE Coaching In Hyderabad
Mode Online /Offline IIT-JEE Coaching
Contact Number 089775 25461
Fee Structure For 1 Year Subscription: Rs. 1,20,000+ 18% GST
Contact Information Spark Academy,302, 2nd floor, SGM Mall, Santosh Nagar, Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad, Telangana 500028
IIT JEE Coaching Notes, IIT JEE Exam Preparation Booklets, IIT JEE optional coaching Notes, IIT JEE Coaching Notes, Video Lectures, Live Classes with faculty, Chat Facility Available

We give our students a head start that takes them to the top. We are proud of our students who managed to give their best. If you dream of progressing from aspiring to completion, give us the opportunity to help you achieve your dreams.

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