UPSC Topper List 2024

The UPSC CSE 2023 Cutoff has finally been released by the Commission, unveiling the top performers in the prestigious Civil Services Examination. The UPSC CSE 2023 Cutoff marks the culmination of months of rigorous preparation and hard work put in by aspirants from all corners of the country. The Commission has now disclosed the UPSC Toppers 2024 list, with Aditya Srivastava emerging as the topper of the batch.

UPSC CSE 2023 Cutoff Revealed

The UPSC CSE 2023 Cutoff has been made public for both the Prelims and Main exams across all categories. As the Commission gears up to unveil the UPSC Cutoff and the IAS prelims answer key on its official website –, the excitement among aspirants is palpable. The release of the UPSC CSE 2023 Cutoff marks a crucial juncture in the journey of civil service aspirants, paving the way for the next phase of selection.

Aditya Srivastava: The Star Performer

Aditya Srivastava’s stellar performance in the UPSC CSE 2023 has positioned him as the frontrunner in the UPSC Toppers 2024 list. Securing the top spot in such a fiercely competitive exam is a testament to his dedication and perseverance. Aditya Srivastava’s achievement serves as an inspiration for countless aspirants who dream of making a mark in the civil services domain.

A Glimpse into the UPSC Toppers 2024 List

The Civil Service Final Merit List released by the Union Public Service Commission highlights the exceptional performance of 1016 candidates who have been recommended for the prestigious All India Services and Central Civil Services. Among the top performers are Animesh Pradhan, Donuru Ananya Reddy, P K Sidharth Ramkumar, Ruhani, Srishti Dabas, Anmol Rathore, Ashish Kumar, Nausheen, Aishwaryam Prajapati, Kush Motwani, Aniket Shandilya, Medha Anand, Shaurya Arora, and Kunal Rastogi.

Here is a Sneak Peek into the UPSC Topper List 2024:

UPSC Topper List 2024
1 Aditya Srivastava Roll Number: 2629523
2 Animesh Pradhan Roll Number: 6312512
3 Donuru Ananya Reddy Roll Number: 1013595
4 P K Sidharth Ramkumar Roll Number: 1903299
5 Ruhani Roll Number: 6312407
6 Srishti Dabas Roll Number: 0501579
7 Anmol Rathore Roll Number: 3406060
8 Ashish Kumar Roll Number: 1121316
9 Nausheen Roll Number: 6016094
10 Aishwaryam Prajapati Roll Number: 2637654
11 Kush Motwani Roll Number: 6500593
12 Aniket Shandilya Roll Number: 5818509
13 Medha Anand Roll Number: 0813845
14 Shaurya Arora Roll Number: 0867419
15 Kunal Rastogi Roll Number: 2205311

The UPSC Toppers 2024 list represents a cohort of meritorious individuals who have exhibited exceptional academic prowess and a deep understanding of the civil services domain. As these individuals embark on their journey to serve the nation in various capacities, they set a benchmark for future aspirants to strive towards.

Aditya Srivastava’s stellar performance serves as an epitome of dedication and commitment, inspiring aspirants to reach for the stars in their pursuit of a career in the civil services.

the UPSC Toppers 2024 list encapsulates the spirit of excellence and perseverance that defines the civil service aspirants of today. As these individuals chart new paths and realize their aspirations, they contribute to the larger narrative of nation-building and governance. The journey of these UPSC Toppers is a testament to the transformative power of education and the indomitable human spirit that propels individuals towards success in the face of adversity.

FAQs on UPSC Topper List 2024

The UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) examination is one of the most prestigious and competitive exams in India. Every year, lakhs of aspirants appear for this examination with the hope of becoming a civil servant. Among these aspirants, only a few emerge as toppers, securing top ranks in the UPSC merit list. Here are some frequently asked questions related to the UPSC topper list for the year 2024:

Who is the IAS topper in 2024?

All India Rank -1 Name – Aditya Srivastava Roll Number – 2629523

Aditya Srivastava’s journey from a small town boy to the IAS topper of 2024 is a testament to the power of hard work, perseverance, and determination. His success serves as a beacon of hope for all aspiring civil servants, proving that with the right mindset and dedication, anything is possible. Aditya’s story is a reminder that success is not a destination but a journey, and it is the willingness to face challenges head-on that ultimately leads to victory.

So, who is the IAS topper in 2024? The answer is Aditya Srivastava – a shining example of excellence and commitment in the field of civil services.

Is the UPSC 2024 result declared?

the UPSC Result for 2024 is finally out! You can now check the IAS Final Result on the official UPSC website Even though the official date for the UPSC Final Result 2024 was not initially confirmed, there were speculations that it would be around April 15 or 16. The last interview of Phase III took place on April 10, 2024, and everyone was eagerly anticipating the results, which are now officially declared on Tuesday, April 16. Make sure to head over to the UPSC website to check your results and celebrate your hard work and dedication paying off. Best of luck to all the candidates!

Who is eligible for IAS 2024?

The age limit for candidates applying for the IAS exam is an important factor to consider. As per the UPSC guidelines, a candidate must be a minimum of 21 years of age and must not be more than 32 years of age. However, there are certain relaxations in the age limit for candidates belonging to different categories.

  • For candidates belonging to the General Category and the Economically Weaker Sections (EWS), the maximum age limit is set at 32 years.
  • Candidates from the OBC category can avail of a relaxation of up to 3 years in the upper age limit, making it 35 years.
  • The SC/ST category candidates can avail of a relaxation of up to 5 years in the upper age limit, which makes it 37 years.
    It is essential for candidates to check the official UPSC notifications for any changes or updates in the age limit criteria for the IAS exam.

IAS Attempts

Another crucial aspect of eligibility for the IAS exam is the number of attempts allowed to a candidate. The number of attempts permissible varies depending on the category of the candidate.

  • Candidates belonging to the General Category and the EWS can attempt the exam a maximum of 6 times.
  • OBC category candidates have 9 attempts at their disposal.
  • SC/ST candidates have unlimited attempts to clear the IAS exam.
    It is important for candidates to keep track of the number of attempts they have already availed and plan their preparation accordingly.

Education Qualification for IAS Exam

Education qualifications play a significant role in determining a candidate’s eligibility for the IAS exam. As per the UPSC guidelines, a candidate must hold a Graduate Degree from a recognized University to be eligible to appear for the exam.
Candidates from any stream or discipline can apply for the IAS exam. However, it is essential to note that candidates with professional degrees like MBBS, LLB, or Engineering should have passed the Graduation exam at the time of filling out the UPSC application form.

Who is rank 1 in IAS?

Aditya Srivastava’s remarkable journey from a high-paying job at Goldman Sachs in Bengaluru to becoming the country’s top scorer in the Union Public Service Commission is truly inspiring. In a recent interview, he shared insights into his transition, highlighting his dedication and passion for public service. Aditya’s shift from the corporate world to the elite civil services reflects his commitment to making a meaningful impact on society. His achievement serves as a reminder that with hard work, determination, and a strong sense of purpose, one can successfully navigate through diverse career paths and excel in unexpected fields. Aditya Srivastava’s story resonates as a testament to the endless possibilities that come with following one’s true calling.

How many seats are there in IAS in 2024?

UPSC Vacancy 2024 Overview

According to the official notification released by UPSC, the total number of vacancies for the IAS in the year 2024 is approximately 1056. These vacancies encompass various categories and reservations to promote diversity and inclusivity in the civil services.

UPSC CSE Vacancy Category Wise

General Category Seats

For candidates belonging to the General category, a significant number of seats are available in the UPSC Vacancy 2024. Aspiring civil servants who do not fall under any reserved category can compete for these seats based on merit and performance in the competitive examination.

OBC Category Seats

Reservation for candidates from the Other Backward Classes (OBC) is an important aspect of the UPSC Vacancy 2024. A certain percentage of seats are reserved for candidates belonging to the OBC category to ensure equitable representation in the civil services.

SC Category Seats

Scheduled Caste (SC) candidates also have a designated number of seats in the UPSC Vacancy 2024. This reservation aims to provide opportunities for candidates from historically marginalized communities to serve in the civil services and contribute to nation-building.

ST Category Seats

Similarly, Scheduled Tribe (ST) candidates have reserved seats in the UPSC Vacancy 2024. This reservation is crucial in promoting diversity and inclusivity in the civil services, allowing candidates from indigenous communities to participate in the competitive examination.

EWS Category Seats

The Economically Weaker Sections (EWS) category also has a designated quota of seats in the UPSC Vacancy 2024. This recent addition to the reservation policy aims to provide opportunities for candidates from economically disadvantaged backgrounds to pursue a career in the civil services.

PwBD Category Seats

Persons with Benchmark Disability (PwBD) category candidates have a special reservation in the UPSC Vacancy 2024. A total of 40 seats are reserved for candidates with disabilities to ensure equal access and opportunities in the civil services.

What Rank is Required for IAS?

Understanding The Civil Services Examination (CSE)

First and foremost, in order to become an IAS officer, candidates need to clear the Civil Services Examination (CSE) conducted by the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). The CSE is considered one of the toughest examinations in India, with lakhs of aspirants appearing for it every year.

Recent Trends in Rank Requirements

2021 CSE Results:

  • General Category: The last rank to get IAS in the General category was 77, secured by Ashutosh Kumar.
  • OBC Category: Angeline Renita R secured a rank of 338 to become an IAS officer.
  • EWS Category: Aashima Goyal achieved a rank of 320 to secure a position in the IAS.

2022 CSE Results:

  • EWS Category: Shreyaansee Jain secured an impressive rank of 302 to become an IAS officer.

Factors Affecting Rank Requirements

Several factors come into play when determining the rank required for securing an IAS position. Some of these factors include:

1. Category of the Candidate

The category of the candidate plays a crucial role in determining the rank required for IAS. Different categories have different cut-off marks, with the lowest typically seen in the General category and higher ranks required in reserved categories.

2. Difficulty Level of the Examination

The difficulty level of the CSE can vary from year to year, affecting the rank requirements. A tougher examination may result in higher rank requirements, while an easier examination could lower the rank needed for IAS.

3. Number of Vacancies

The number of vacancies for IAS officers can vary each year, impacting the rank requirements. A higher number of vacancies could lead to lower rank requirements, while a lower number of vacancies might increase the rank needed for IAS.

4. Reservation Policies

India’s reservation policies ensure representation from various sections of society in the civil services. Reservation quotas for SC, ST, OBC, and EWS categories also affect the rank requirements for IAS.

How many IAS are selected every year?

the selection of 180 IAS officers every year is a critical component of the civil services recruitment process. These officers are the backbone of India’s administrative machinery and contribute immensely to the nation-building efforts. The rigorous selection process, along with the recommendations of the Baswan Committee, ensures that the best and brightest minds are chosen to serve the nation as IAS officers.

So, the next time you wonder how many IAS officers are selected every year, remember the magic number – 180!

What is the age limit for IAS 2024?

the age limit for the IAS 2024 exam plays a critical role in determining the eligibility of candidates to pursue a career in the prestigious Indian Administrative Service. With a minimum age requirement of 21 years and a maximum age limit of 32 years, aspiring candidates need to ensure that they meet the age criteria set by the UPSC. By understanding the age calculation process and the available age relaxation benefits, candidates can effectively navigate the age limit requirements and prepare diligently for the upcoming IAS 2024 exam.

Remember, the key to success in the IAS exam lies not just in meeting the age limit criteria but also in thorough preparation, strategic planning, and a dedicated approach towards achieving your goal of becoming an IAS officer.

Can 12th pass apply for UPSC?

12th pass students cannot apply for UPSC, they can start their preparation early to have a better chance of clearing the exam. By choosing the right subjects, staying updated with current affairs, joining coaching classes, and managing time effectively, college students can lay a strong foundation for their UPSC journey. Remember, success in UPSC requires dedication, hard work, and perseverance. So start early, stay focused, and chase your dream of becoming an IAS officer.


The article briefly discusses the UPSC toppers of 2024, highlighting the achievements of the top candidates and inspiring other aspirants to strive for excellence in their UPSC preparation.

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