Top 10 Best IAS Coaching In Arunachal Pradesh

Best 10 IAS Coaching Institutes in Arunachal Pradesh

If you are struggling to choose an institute that offers the best IAS training institute in Arunachal Pradesh, you should definitely read below to learn more about the best training centers. Before enrolling in a course, learn all about the Coaching Institute. Get started preparing for the IAS exam with the help of the institutes below. The institutes mentioned here have achieved these positions because of the unique advantages they offer to students. You can also consult in person at the institutes.

IAS Coaching in Arunachal Pradesh

When you take the IAS Coaching in Arunachal Pradesh, you will definitely get more skills to prepare for. When you start to prepare. Sometimes you will miss or miss important things that are very important in preparation. It is simply not an easy task for IAS students to rely on their own preparation. You need to start from scratch planning, executing plans, exploring the internet and the streets of Arunachal Pradesh to find the best study resources. However, you don’t have to work hard when you can use the IAS Training Center in Arunachal Pradesh. Without a doubt, several institutes offer the best IAS training in Arunachal Pradesh. Just take a look at the following and start your IAS preparation with an institute offering the best UPSC training in Arunachal Pradesh.

Choose the best IAS coaching in Arunachal Pradesh

The IAS exams are considered one of the toughest in the country. As the competition develops, the institutes are also preparing for better supervision that would help students achieve exceptional test results. Additionally, teachers strengthen their ability to resist any competition that hinders their success. To pass the IAS exams with the best marks, you need to find a full-featured institute. Just take a look at the institutes listed below which are quite famous in Arunachal Pradesh. Here is the list of the best IAS coaches in Arunachal Pradesh.

For the Civil Service Exam, you’ll need the following resources.

List of Top IAS Coaching in Arunachal Pradesh
ALS IAS Rank – 1
Vajiram and Ravi Rank – 2
Rau’s IAS Academy Rank – 3
Elite IAS Academy Rank – 4
Vision IAS Rank – 5
Unacademy IAS Rank – 6
Byju’s learning app Rank – 7 Rank – 8
Vajirao Institute Rank – 9
Legacy IAS Academy Rank – 10

Rank-1 ALS IAS

ALS IAS is one of the best coaching institutes not in Arunachal Pradesh only but all over India also. ALS has the best teaching methodology and meticulously designed course plan for daily schedules. ALS has highly relevant printed study material. ALS helps students to learn writing answers within the time limit. ALS has faculties for seminars, conferences, and tutorials. ALS has a well-organized infrastructure with Hi-Tech classrooms. ALS provides Online test series to the students. ALS Learning System is on 7th position in the list of top best UPSC coachings in Arunachal Pradesh.

Batch size is 20 students and the fee is GS Fee-90,000 ,Optional Fee- 35, 400. The study material includes notes, 25 Printed Booklet, Test Series Online, Pen Drive for NCERT. Three day free demo classes are available. The study material inclusive of notes is meticulously Designed and also includes Test Series Online and Offline, PrelimScore etc.

For the past 25 years we have been offering the most meticulously designed classroom and online programs for General Studies, Optional Subjects and Interview Guidance. Both online as well as classroom teaching is available taught by a dedicated team of best mentors in India for UPSC exam has been their core competence since the inception of ALS. The specialization is in Geography and Public Administration. In the past eighteen years, ALS is credited to have illuminated the career graph of 4 IAS toppers, 29 rankers in top 10, 63 rankers in top 20, 175 in top 50 and altogether 2837+ successful Candidates.

What Makes ALS IAS Special?

Top IAS Coaching In Arunachal Pradesh

Mode Online /Offline IAS Coaching
Contact Number 081320 85002
Fee Structure Rs. 94,000 for a year
Contact Information ALS IAS, Whispering Cottage, Niti Vihar, Vip Ridge, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh 791111
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Rank-2 Vajiram and Ravi

M / S Vajiram & Ravi is the well known Indian institute which prepares for the civil servant exam at the three levels: Preliminary Exam, Main Exam and Personality Test. The Institute was founded in 1976 by Professor P. Velayutham, who has won numerous academic awards in India and abroad, including a degree in international law from the International Court of Justice in The Hague. Since its inception, the institute has helped more than 5,000 students enter the civil service, including I.A.S., I.F.S., I.P.S. and other central services. Some of our students rank in the top ten for successful applicants each year. The faculty of the institute is made up of highly qualified and experienced professors from central universities and other renowned institutes. To ensure quality education and counseling, at least two teachers are usually recruited for each subject. In general studies, 10 professors accompany the candidates. To prepare the reading material for distance education, the institute has a unique distance education center that uses the latest distance education techniques to fully meet the needs of the candidates.

Our flagship UPSC classroom is a full-time 12-month full-time UPC course in which we guide IAS candidates from scratch and teach them all aspects of the civil service exam. This course consists of lectures, study materials, and a series of UPSC tests.

Three sessions start in a year, one in May, one in July and the last session in the third week of August in central Delhi and in June, July and August in central Chennai. The 3 sessions at the Delhi and Chennai centers focus on General Studies (Prelim cum Main), Electives and the Public Service Aptitude Test (CSAT).

Vajiram & Ravi classroom training is only offered in Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi and Nungambakkam, Chennai. This course consists of lectures, study materials, and test series.

For Public Service Exam 2020-21, Vajiram and Ravi General Studies (Prelim cum Main), Public Service Aptitude Test (CSAT) and elective courses must start in Central Delhi in May 2020 and in downtown Chennai in June 2020.

What is there to like about Vajiram and Ravi ?

Contact Details and Address

Top IAS Coaching In Arunachal Pradesh

Vajiram and Ravi For IAS Exams
Mode Online IAS Coaching
Contact Number +91(011) 41007400, (011) 41007500
Fee Structure 16 Weeks @ 2.5hr per day  Rs. 50,000
Contact Information N/A
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Rank-3 Rau’s IAS Academy

The Study Circle was founded in 1953 by Dr. S. Rau and was founded as an independent body with the objective of establishing a reference institution to achieve excellence in the most difficult competitive exam in the country, the Examination of the Administrative Service of the India, now known as the Civil Service Exam. During this long time, the study group has grown into a unique community of educators and students who pursue a common goal year after year. The  Study Circle roared with passion for improvement, with the dynamism of a river that is constantly renewed and yet remains firm in its determination to achieve its ultimate goal.

During a journey that spans more than six decades, the Study Circle has been at the forefront of real learning. Today it is known as the most specialized institution of its kind in the country, consistently performing at the highest level and has earned the rare distinction of receiving the highest pass rate in public service exams.

The Study Circle faculty is made up of seasoned educators, expert administrators, and dedicated researchers. In fact, the essence of the study group way of working is the fraternal environment in which students are served by a dedicated, resourceful and talented speaker. Here, each student experiences creative enthusiasm and the thrill of expanding knowledge from it. We treat each member as a personality, not just a student. We are approaching our task as a floriculture; with all the will and skill necessary to carry out such a delicate task.

The aim is to free students from the rigidity of a strongly ritualized, bland and indifferent teaching with which they have been familiar until now in universities, where a lot is taught but very little is learned. This is the void that the study group is trying to fill by promoting TRUE LEARNING, that is, learning to learn as a first step: with the ultimate goal of making personalities blossom, like flowers, and carry the aroma of the freshness of their ideas and creativity everywhere. they go. It is precisely because of this commitment that the name of the study group has become a living legend for students to pass the official exam.

Our goal is not only to offer students a roadmap for effective learning, but also to convince them of our motivating company on their path to success. In short, most students find Rau’s experience not only innovative, but also unique.

Top IAS Coaching In Arunachal Pradesh

Rau’s IAS Academy For IAS Exams
Mode Online /Offline IAS Coaching
Contact Number +91-0191 245 6098
Fee Structure Admission Fee – Rs 1,60,000 Registration Fee– Rs 500
Admission Fee – Rs 48,000 Registration Fee– Rs 500
Contact Information N/A
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Rank-4 Elite IAS Academy

Elite IAS Coaching is an exceptional one-stop destination for great advice on how to pass the civil exams. Elite IAS Academy offers the best advice under the guidance of the most popular mentors in the country. This IAS academy has been rated as one of the best IAS institutes.

Here at Elite IAS Academy, applicants can be assured of receiving the best education and personal advice to help them excel. We offer extensive study materials and test series that help build confidence in our applicants. 

There are currently several IAS Training Centers, but the IAS Elite Academy ranks first due to the quality of education it provides to its applicants. Over the years it has grown and now caters to applicants with many offices.

As we know, the UPSC exam is considered one of the toughest in the country. It consisted of several phases in which applicants were tested to their full potential. The IAS exams are of immense value to any aspirant, so they work tirelessly to succeed.

Elite UPSC Coaching, one of the best IAS coaching, has several advantages. At Elite IAS we pursue a very constructive teaching method and support applicants to ensure their long-term success. Elite IAS Coaching has been rated as one of the best UPSC training institutes.

Top IAS Coaching In Arunachal Pradesh

Elite IAS Academy
Mode Online /Offline IAS Coaching
Contact Number +91 70652 02020
Fee Structure General Studies Integrated Course Rs. 1,81,000/- 12 Month
3 Years Integrated Course – For Undergraduates Rs. 2,60,000/- 36 Months
General Studies Mains + Prelims Only Rs. 1,60,000/- 10 Month
Optional Subjects Rs. 50,000/- 4 – 5 Month
Contact Information N/A
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Rank-5 Vision IAS

VisionIAS has always believed in providing UPSC candidates with a qualitative yet quantitative solution to enhance their preparation for the UPSC Public Official Exam. Basic course 2022/2023, the dynamics of this exam as well as the expectations of the UPSC. It is equivalent to

It is one of the most complete programs of Vision AS with the aim of providing applicants with a solid platform for their preparation and accompanying them in their training.

Top IAS Coaching In Arunachal Pradesh

Vision IAS
Mode Online /Offline IAS Coaching
Contact Number 097969 79787
Fee Structure Rs 2,15,000 (Offline), Rs 1,70,000 (Online)
Contact Information N/A
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Why choose our program?

Simplified personal orientation

To dispel doubts and stay motivated, students are regularly advised on how to prepare for this highly dynamic exam by phone, email, or in person.

Continuous individual assessment

Students receive personalized, specific and practical feedback and attention through regular tutorials, mini-tests and test series from across India.

To be read by all. Recommended by all

Relevant and up-to-date study materials, such as Monthly Current Affairs magazine, PT 365 and Mains 365, News Today Daily Current Affairs, are compiled by a dedicated team of experts.

Uninterrupted preparation

Organize all your reading and study materials and access them efficiently from anywhere, anytime

All test series in India

Selected by the 2 of the 3 selected candidates. VisionIAS post-test analysis offers corrective actions as well as continuous performance improvement.

Don’t miss a single course

Technological support to access courses and recorded resources and track their absolute and relative performance through their own student portal.

Rank-6 Unacademy IAS

UPSC is one of the main research areas that students dream of and conquer after graduation. As the number of applicants increases over time, countless coaching sessions and online platforms have been opened. Their goal is to offer UPSC guidance and mentoring to new applicants to help them pass the UPSC exam. This is one of those training platforms called Unacademy. is the one stop solution for UPSC CSE, SSC, Banking Exams, IIT JEE / NEET Training and all Government Exam Preparation in India. At you can choose which online course you would like to take.

Unacademy is one of the leading and growing online platforms whose aim is to provide preparatory material for various professional and educational entrance exams. It is an Indian online educational technology company based in Bangalore.

Although it was originally created as a YouTube channel by Gaurav Munjal in 2010.

Today Unacademy is a $ 117 million startup. It is among the best places to prepare for competitions such as civil service, government positions, IIT and IIMS approvals, and various other courses.

Top IAS Coaching In Arunachal Pradesh

Unacademy IAS
Mode Online IAS Coaching
Contact Number +91 70652 02020
India’s best learning center
Fee UPSC CSE – GS Subscription · ₹15,000 · ₹22,500 · ₹40,500 · ₹44,550 –
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  1. Experienced Teacher: Unacademy has attracted many teachers with a value proposition based on income and independence. This attracts professors from top learning and training institutes who teach students online with lectures and videos.
  2. Quality and Affordable Content: Unacademy Offers Education for Everyone Many students prepare for the UPSC exam using the online lectures available in the Unacademy app. With the resources provided online, applicants can prepare without paying a high price.
  3. Unacademy plus: Unacademy also offers a subscription option. Students can subscribe to a packet and receive all materials in a cohesive plan. This way, applicants can prepare with the materials they need instead of overloading themselves with too much live teaching and reading. Help applicants by providing them with high-quality study materials on their smartphones and laptops throughout the day.
  1. Clearing sessions: Unacademy educators also host live clearing sessions.

They give a full explanation of anything and everything that is required of an aspirant.

Applicants also have the opportunity to participate in an educationally supervised peer learning program. Educators also interact directly with them in a live session. More course notes. they are also available as a group rate for each live course.

Rank-7 Byju’s learning app

IAS – three letters that, if given their name, can change your life for the better! If you are one of thousands of people across the country seeking to serve the nation by joining the civil service, you have come to the right place. Passing the UPSC civil servant exam is not an easy task. While it is not impossible, it takes a great deal of hard work combined with the right strategy and study material to pass the Indomitable IAS exam. In BYJU Learning App, you get all relevant tips and enriched learning materials with just one click.

Top IAS Coaching In Arunachal Pradesh

Byju’s learning app
Mode Online IAS Coaching
Contact Number N/A
Fee Structure 1 month at just Rs 2,000
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Free Online Coaching for IAS


BYJU’s Free IAS Preparation (Free Online Coaching for IAS) offers the best study material and the best online UPSC strategy for free! Visit the free IAS Prep website every day for regular updates on news, history, geography, politics, and more. You can also find important tips, book lists, and interviews here.


Another great offering from BYJU is the BYJU IAS Prep Tablet. It offers online IAS training unmatched in the country from the best teachers.


BYJU IAS Prep Tray Features:


  • More than 400 hours of pre-installed measured values
  • Complete curriculum for all major subjects
  • More than 250 tests per chapter
  • Weekly and monthly special modules for news.
  • 16 Comprehensive Indian Level Tests That Simulate The Real Exam
  • Special analysis of dynamic themes
  • Daily news analysis
  • Program of preliminary rounds and main packs
  • Individual expert advice


Advantages of preparing IAS on the tablet.


  1. Faculty expert


BYJU courses for tablets are selected and presented by experienced teachers and subject matter experts from across India. It covers all the main topics of the UPSC program, such as politics, history, geography, science and technology, international relations, current affairs, economics, etc.


  1. IAS Preparation – Anytime, Anywhere


With the tablet you can learn when it suits you best without compromising the quality of your education. You can access IAS training material on the go, on the bus, during office breaks, literally anywhere, anytime, when you’re free! You don’t have to change your schedule to account for other people’s time.


  1. Exclusive tutoring program


Each student prepares under the aegis of a faculty mentor who helps prepare for the IAS. These dedicated mentors will dispel your doubts, give you practical advice and strategies to prepare for IAS, and motivate you to follow your IAS dream, too. Each student is assigned a mentor to provide exclusive study plans and tips for taking the IAS exam.

  1. Preparation strategy adapted to your needs

When you sign up for the tablet program, you will be given a schedule. This would allow you to improve your readiness from the beginning of your IAS preparation.

  1. Current Affair Coverage

Current topics that are relevant from an IAS perspective are made available to you on a daily basis. News presentations will also be sent that could help you better understand the concept of a particular event. You will be sent the Daily NAC (Full News Analysis) and the Daily NAC videoconference, covering all the important news of the day from UPSC’s perspective. In addition, video conferences on all current IAS topics from different subject areas such as economics, politics, geography, etc. are offered promptly.

  1. Full coverage of the UPSC program

The IAS Educational Tablets Program would include lectures on the entire IAS curriculum given by top IAS Delhi teachers. The program would be improved with the change of model.

  1. Special attention to important issues

Specialists in the field would cover unique topics such as national security, international relations, ethics, disaster management, Indian boards, and economic research.

  1. Test series

Evaluation and feedback are the most important aspects to consider when preparing the IAS. In addition, the practice of tests makes the difference between serious candidates and others. Simply practicing the mock test will give you the real feel of the IAS exam and help you increase your speed and thinking skills for the UPSC exam. The tablet course includes a series of real-time tests for both the preliminary exams and the main IAS exams. For the main exam, practicing answer writing is essential to passing the IAS exam.

  1. Visualization of concepts

Tablets help you visualize every concept and topic. Learning on a tablet will help you memorize and better understand the concepts.

  1. Why is the IAS tablet preparation the smartest?

This is the era of smartphones and smarter people, and we are introducing a SMART STUDY path; Download the BYJU (Google Play Store) learning app, go to the IAS section and do some trial testing, check out the latest news; Sign up for our tablet program and watch lectures from top IAS professors with experience training many aspiring IAS and top scorers over the years.

Rank-8 Clear IAS

ClearIAS is one of the leading educational technology startups in online learning and exam preparation.

As the motto goes, ClearIAS aims to help IAS candidates pass the UPSC Civil Service Exam (CSE) on their own. We are proud and happy to see thousands of our users become IAS, IPS and IFS Managers through online preparation.

However, as a learning platform, ClearIAS is not only used by aspiring UPSC but is also used by millions of people around the world seeking quality online education. Our mission is to create the leaders of tomorrow, with multidimensional knowledge, skills and ideas.

How do I do an IAS coaching online?

Gone are the days when aspiring UPSC had to board a train to Delhi and spend huge sums of money on offline coaching, food and accommodation. With sites like, applicants can now prepare for the IAS exam at home using just a cell phone. IAS online coaching is the new mantra!

In addition to free study materials (via website and mobile app platforms), ClearIAS also offers strategies, tips, advice, quizzes, and more.

ClearIAS Classes is our special platform that offers online foreplay, director and interview courses.

Top IAS Coaching In Arunachal Pradesh

Clear IAS
Mode Online IAS Coaching
Contact Number +918171181080, 9999458938
Fee Structure N/A
Contact Information N/A
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What Makes Clear IAS Academy Special?

Why should you try online coaching for the UPSC exams?

  • Big differences in fees – Online coaching websites and mobile apps are very cheap.
  • Time factor: While traditional IAS coaching has a fixed schedule, online coaching is flexible. It also helps aspirants avoid time travel between home, college, and training centers.
  • Frequent Updates – Websites in the online training space often have up-to-date content. News articles to stay up-to-date with the latest UPSC exam requirements.
  • Comparison across India: Practice exams and masters certificates from sites like give candidates an opportunity to compare their performance across India.
  • Convenience: Last but not least, the convenience of preparing online is what counts. Now you can use laptops or even cell phones to prepare for and pass the UPSC Civil Services exam from the comfort zone of your home.
  • ClearIAS Services ( is the complete self-study package for UPSC CSE. This company helps all applicants seeking advice outside of face-to-face coaching. ClearIAS was created with a vision of high-quality yet affordable online education with an emphasis on self-study.
    • Free Study Materials – We provide free notes on all subjects mentioned in the latest UPSC curriculum. Applicants can share or print ClearIAS study materials for their own use.
    • Orientation and Strategies: We regularly write articles to guide applicants according to the latest IAS exam requirements.
    • Mock Pretests: Our tests are known for their quality. The ClearIAS Preliminary Mock Testing Platform helps you learn and compete with thousands of applicants, Pan-Indians, and in real time.
    • Industry Mock Exams: Learn the Art of Writing Industry Answers for FREE!
    • Buy UPSC Books Online – Updated links to buy IAS recommended books on Amazon or Flipkart at a discounted price.
    • IAS Toppers interview: straight from the horse’s mouth. Learn about the strategies of UPSC toppers.
    • ClearIAS Mobile App – Extend your IAS readiness to tablets and cell phones. You can also study on the go

Rank-9 Vajirao Institute

The Vajirao IAS Academy is not just one of the best public service training institutes in the city. We do our best so that you can deliver when you need it most. Vision, aptitude, judgment, integrity, rationality, Assertiveness and organization are key qualities expected of an aspiring civil servant. VAJIRAO represents all of this.

At the core of our strategy is a highly effective teaching method that should provide you with conceptual clarity on all relevant topics and subject areas so that you can approach questions with confidence. Above all, we demystify public service for you in a strict but friendly environment where learning is fun. To do this, we turn to the most experienced people in the industry.

In addition to the ingeniously designed facilities, study materials and learning methods, the highly qualified team of colleges make Vajirao IAS Academy the right institute to start your career at UPSC. Our faculties are experienced and come from different institutes and universities. Use common sense to pave the way for UPSC to be successful.

Additionally, they are punctual, knowledgeable, and determined to shape the careers of UPSC applicants. Coaching is not only fruitful, but is also available after school for individual advice and questions from students.

Top IAS Coaching In Arunachal Pradesh

Vajirao Institute For IAS Exams
Mode Online /Offline IAS Coaching
Contact Number +918171181080, 9999458938
Fee Structure Pre Cum Mains (GS Pre Cum Mains + CSAT) Rs.1,40,000/- Rs.85,500/-
Foundation Course Rs.2,35,000/- Rs.2,35,000/-
Optional Subject Rs.38,000/- Rs.38,000/-
Contact Information N/A
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Rank-10 Legacy IAS Academy

Legacy IAS Academy | The Best IAS Academy of Arunachal Pradesh (LIA) was created through the synergies of a group of effective tutors that included experienced IAS / IPS / IRS officers, academics and associate tutors. The Legacy IAS Academy is, as its name suggests, the result of inspiring work in the field of public tuition. Today, as the House of Knowledge, the LIA intends to build on the legacy of its successes and continue to help candidates achieve their dreams of serving in public service. Without a doubt, LIA is one of the best IAS academies in Arunachal Pradesh.

The Legacy IAS Academy was founded in 2002. This IAS Academy in Arunachal Pradesh has now become an organization. Its objective is to train better officers from all over the country. The LIA consists of two directors who design and closely supervise the curriculum.

School principals also teach various subjects here. This IAS coaching in Arunachal Pradesh brings a wealth of mentoring experience to the table. With a small group of 30 to 35 people, LIA provides each student with individual attention and attention.

This IAS academy is not like other training centers in Arunachal Pradesh. It regularly conducts doubt clarification courses to help students resolve their doubts. In particular, the faculties are also available outside of school hours. LIA achieved excellent results on the UPSC exam last year.

The average success rate here over the years is 4 of the top 20 students. Finally, These toppers seek advice in one form or another here. That number may be less, but overall, it’s a good number to keep in mind when reviewing public service.

This IAS institute is considered one of the best IAS institutes in Arunachal Pradesh. Lead students to become better officials. This leadership exercise begins on day one and continues until students find a place on the UPSC leaderboard.

Its strategy and teaching method emphasize smart work. Help students get the most out of real-world studios and settings.

Top IAS Coaching In Arunachal Pradesh

Legacy IAS Academy
Mode Online /Offline IAS Coaching
Contact Number +91 9606900004
Fee Structure LRP 2 years integrated course* (Prelims-cum-mains x1 + Foundation course x1 + LRP) INR 1,80,000/-
LRP 3 years integrated course* (Prelims-cum-mains x2 + Foundation course x1 + LRP) INR 2,10,000/-
Contact Information N/A
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