Total Assignment Help Reviews

Total assignment help reviews

The lives of the student often get to busy to get sufficient time to write the essays and get a proper social life. For this reason we can find these number of essay writing services on the internet and among them one is the Total Assignment Help. So we would study and know about their website and see whether there services are legit or only a scam.

What is Total Assignment Help?

Total Assignment help is actually an online assignment help service that is available in 9 countries. Their local operations ranges across Australia, US, UK, South east Asia and also in the Middle East. They have avast experience in the field of academic writing, Total assignment help are having a strong track record of delivering a quality writing at a very affordable price that always meets the needs of their students in the local markets.

What type of Services are offered by them?

After you come across the website of TotalAssignmentHelp or when you log in to your pre existing account, you will to see an option called Menu that takes you to the page that discuss about their services that they offers. They cover a lot of subjects that starts from finance to science and covers each and every education levels.

What is their ordering process?

  1. You have to fill their assignment help order form.
  2. Then upload the all the required documents.
  3. Feel free to chat with their expert.
  4. They will provide you with the best price possible.
  5. After making the order you have to make the payment either bypaypal or by using credit card or by using debit card and even by online banking.

Do they have any privacy for their customers to make their payments?

They allow their users to freely make their payment for their order of the assignments through their secured gateway. They offer their customers with a convenient way of transactions that is by PayPal gateway, as it is known as the highly secure mode of online transaction.

They are going to ask their users to sign up, after which they will have to fill a form that is properly separated into many steps. This form is going to ask you some basic questions about the essay and ask about some basic information before they submit their order.

What are the Pros And Cons of Total Assignment Help?


  1. They provide a quality service.
  2. They grant the best possible price to their users.
  3. They have a great customer care support.


  1. They are rigid on their requirements
  2. They are not at all much forthcoming on the multiple revisions

What is their price per page?

They do not have the provision to preview the prices on the website of Total Assignment Help. But they granta free essay to each and every new user of them. Their website also provides orders at low prices but do not grant any refunds.

Their motto is to provide best quality assignments at a very pocket friendly prices. Their assignment writing cycle is very efficient thus guarantees a good quality assignments.

Here their customers do not need to register with them to get the benefits of their services. They allow you to directly connect with them and know their details before they take their help in order to complete their assignment. They provide their users with a price quotation which is going to be incurred for get their services.

What are the qualifications of the writers of Total Assignment Help?

In order to make sure the best quality assignment he they have engaged over 5000 experts having a qualification of PhD level. They ensure that the assignments are properly structured and consists of all the necessary contents. They have many years of writing experience and are having a superior writing skills. It requires them a fixed time thus granting their users a rapid change for each and every assignment requirements. They are profusely educated individuals who does a deep research in order to structure and write the essay. They do not provide any such option on their website to see their writers and do not allow you to preview the skills and check their credentials.

What are the subjects that they serve?

Their highly professional team are engaged from various educational backgrounds that enables them to look after more than 100 subjects at the level of university. Their erudite force of professional writers are able to grant the best possible support their user for more than 100 subjects. Besides writing, their experts are capable of providing a academic guidance to the students based on these subjects. They have experts also belonging from these field such as medicine, nursing, law, accounting, management, engineering and many more.

What is the quality of the work that they provide?

Their website has to go a long way in order to prove the service that they provide are trustworthy. Total AssignmentHelp do have a section that is concerned with the samples from each category. After you see in their samples you can find that they reference their facts in a proper way and structure their document in a legible way.

Their expert ensure that the assignment does not have any type of plagiarism. Total Assignment help looks after all the plagiarism minutely and ensure their user that they not commit any plagiarism mistakenly. They use a competitive software in order to check the plagiarism and make sure that they provide a plagiarized free assignment copy and under some of the necessary conditions they also provide their students reports with the plagiarism report if ask for.

Do they offer any revision facility?

Granting the best quality assignment needsa lot o inputs. Their processes are adequately flexible to a lot of revisions for their clients satisfaction. In any case if the client is not at all satisfied with their assignment and they offer themopenly to add any type of revision that is wished by their client without any extra charges. The satisfaction of their clients are always their first priority.

How is their customer support services?

Just after you enter into the website of Total Assignment Help you are going to have a lot of ways to contact their customer support service. They have a chat bot who is responsible for any type of additional information required and also provide you with a phone number in order to contact with them. They do not have any social media tags but they allow you to contact with them through email or using their physical address.

They understand that each and every college students are in a need for assignment help even at the fall of midnight. The total assignment help guarantees their users with the best of experts at their disposal who is going toentire assistance even at those hours.

Do they deliver the order timely?

They actually respect the time of their customers and thus they delivery the order of their users timely ast heir one of the most important motto. They can also work under tight schedules without any type of compromise to the quality of their assignment. Total Assignment help is thus the best assignment solution for any sort of your urgent assignment needs.

Other Services that they provide

  1. They provide Online Assignments Help

They grant the best quality solutions for any type of urgent assignment help needs. Their subject matter experts are highly expert professionals belonging from the finest universities of the US, UK and Australia. They not only increase the grades by submitting an excellent quality assignments but also allow their users stand a chance in order to learn a bit more about the subject.

  1. They provide DissertationWriting Help

It examine the capabilities of the students as it needs a lot of research and deep understanding about the subject. Their experienced team of writers have make a structured approach to assist the scholars to finish their dissertation as well as research projects and also guide them to score good grades.

Earnings with the help of Total Assignment Help

They are well aware that how painful it is to work after completion of study. They are also aware that how embarrassing it feels sometimes to ask your parents for money. So apart from providing you with your assignment help they also allow you to earn money just by referring your friends and relatives, in order to overcome these issues of life and get the opportunity to earn a huge amount. Just after your friends places the orders then your bank balance would grow with a hike. Suppose your friend places an order worth $100 then you are going to get $10 immediately and by these process the recurring source of the income keeps going.For this you just require to fill up their form and their representative is going to get in touch with you without any extra signing charges.

What is their refund policy?

  1. If the user thinks of cancelling their request before the allocation of their writer, then they allow their user to book another assignment for the same value without any extra cost. In any condition, if their writer has already been assigned then the request for refund is not going to be processed.
  2. In any condition, their user has got charged to times by their payment service providers like PayPal or Money bookers for the similar order id then immediately try to get in touch with them along with desired payment receipts and they are going to process the refund as early as possible.
  3. They always try to their best in order to allocate their best writer for an unique assignment need but at times because of some unknown reasons the writers would not been able to allocated. circumstances, their user will be able to get the entire refund of the amount or select any other assignment task having the same value.
  4. They ask their user to make sure that all their requirements have been submitted as early as possible to assist them to make sure a delivery on time the work. They give a 100% delivery guarantee policy that makes sure there student are able to accept their assignment by only paying 50% of the entire value or ask for the refund of their initial payment if their first draft version of assignment was delivered after the mentioned delivery date.
  5. They give a 100% satisfaction policy guarantees in which they are going to continue to accept the rework till 30 days of initial date of submission of the assignment. After the completion of 30 days they are not going to accept any sort of re-work or any refund.
  6. In any sort of event if their user have received a ‘fail’ grade for their submitted assignment, then they are going to process a 100% refund after the submission of the authentic result within 30 days from the delivery date of the assignment. Any request made after the completion of this period would not he entertained by them.
  7. They do not even entertain any refunds for the delays that are made at the client’s or the writer’s end. Asit a work based on minute research, so any sort of delay might happen because of the complexity of the topics or because of some communication lag in between the client or the writer or because of the changes in requirements. They expect their clients to keep some buffer while they are ordering on their website, though they try their best in order to deliver the solution according the expected date of the client.

What can we conclude?

The Total Assignment Help grants various essay writing services as well as free samples. Their only drawback is that they do not have any proper price plan for their user to check it before they use their service. It is not illegal and absolutely safe to use. So it is up-to the users to decide whether to use their facilities for their assignments.

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