Top 10 Best IAS Coaching In Pondicherry

Best 10 IAS Coaching Institutes in Pondicherry

The Administrative Service of India is the first joint regulator of the Government of India. IAS officials hold key and key positions in Union government, states, and open companies. As in other countries such as the United Kingdom, which is inspired by the parliamentary framework, the IAS, as an immutable organization in India, structures a nested element of the official extension of the Indian government and thus offers further development.

IAS Coaching in Pondicherry

Candidates for the Pondicherry IAS exam are focused and therefore all presence of mind and concentration must be very precise, the calculation speed must be in its final form, so it is not easy to score the IAS exam. You must join the best IAS training institute in Pondicherry to better prepare for the IAS exams.


For IAS Preparation in Pondicherry, check out IAS Courses in IAS Coaching in Pondicherry – General Studies (Preliminary + Hands + Essay + CSAT), Distance Learning Program with Mock Tests, Core Courses (NCERT), Core Course for Current Graduates, Pondicherry Administration Services, WBCS, Online Mock Test (Prep), Offline Mock Test (Prep), Online Mock Test (Sector), Offline Mock Test (Sector)

Choose the best IAS coaching in Pondicherry

The IAS exam is popular not only because of its difficult grades to pass, but it is also not easy for students due to its comparability, with over 10 lakhs of students filling all positions for the exam each year. This test of ambition requires persistent effort and a high level of managerial intelligence. In general, the exams are not easy to pass, but the only option is to study and work hard. so that students attend many courses and try to get the best support to pass the exams.

Who is in charge of the IAS Exam?

How many stages does the Indian Administrative Service Exam have?


What is the Indian Administrative Service Exam’s Minimum Eligibility?

For the Civil Service Exam, you’ll need the following resources.

List of Top IAS Coaching in Pondicherry
Viruksham IAS Academy Rank – 1
Aurobindo IAS Academy Rank – 2
Suyam IAS Coaching Rank – 3
DR.Kims Academy Rank – 4
Nermai IAS Rank – 5
Great Indian IAS Academy Rank – 6
ALS IAS Rank – 7
Dr. Kims Academy Rank – 8
Nermai IAS Rank – 9
Spectrum IAS Rank – 10

Rank-1 Viruksham IAS Coaching In Pondicherry

Viruksham IAS Academy is one of the most popular academies in Pondicherry for one of the most difficult exams, namely the Public Service Exam. His motivation is to demystify the competitions and help the aspirants to gain confidence and competence, achieve their dreams and fly with colors. His process is to stratify the best minds to achieve great success.

The faculties:

  • Creative teaching methods
  • Offer excellent personalized coaching.
  • Give each student personalized attention
  • Competent and qualified staff

Study material:

  • Provides the best IAS study material.
  • Availability of a positive discussion environment

What Makes Confidence IAS Academy?

Top IAS Coaching In Pondicherry

Viruksham IAS Coaching In Pondicherry
Address: Next to KV Textiles, 37, Villupuram Main Road, Natesan Nagar, Pondicherry, 605005
Contact Number +91-73392 21172
Fee Structure GS-72,000 Including Optional 8 Months, Optional Subject- Public Administrative, Sociology, Geography, Malayalam
Materials Study Materials, Test Series Offline
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Rank-2 Aurobindo IAS Coaching In Pondicherry

What is there to like about Brain Tree?

A public service training institute overseen by a retired IAS official was designed on the premise that we educate and train young minds in Pondicherry UT on an equal footing with NCR Delhi, creating a peer-to-peer connection. It is only available in Delhi. making it a loan option for the budding colleague in our own UT.

Our mission

At UT Pondicherry, concern or awareness about UPSC audits was found to be worsening. We have tried to capture the young minds of Pondicherry right away so that our UT youth can easily compete with other states in India.

Our teachers

For the first time in Pondicherry, civil service courses will be attended by IAS officers, bureaucrats, university researchers, lead applicants, as well as UPSC interviews and subject matter experts.

Contact Details and Address

Top IAS Coaching In Pondicherry

Aurobindo IAS Coaching In Pondicherry
Mode Online /Offline IAS Coaching
Contact Number 094432 09065
Fee Structure 348 A 1st Floor, Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Muthialpet, Pondicherry
Contact Information 3-6-432, Level-3, Velma House, Himayath Nagar, Hyderabad, Pondicherry 500029
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Rank-3 Suyam IAS Coaching In Pondicherry

It is concerning that our Pondicherry UT has not seen a significant number of public officials and there is not a single Pondicherry Official (PCS) or Pondicherry Police Officer (PPS). Despite the good education and healthy environment that prevail in this part of the Union, this is quite discouraging.

Well aware of this situation and to work on creating a platform to inspire the young minds of Pondicherry to this commendable career managing all the administrative affairs of our nation, Suyam I.A.S. Coaching Institute was founded in October 2006. This institute strives to educate the youth of Pondicherry through the organization of the I.A.S. Awareness camps, media advertising and organization of coaching programs for applicants.

To be honest, the institute had only realized a small part of its civil service dream in this small town, preparing only one candidate for civil service who would be an I.R.A.S. once and as I.R.S. in the following year some successes in the pre-examination of the civil service and very few candidates in the interview.

In 2009, Suyam I.A.S. together with the Pondicherry Institute for Development, Research and Action (founded by Prof. Das Coaching Institute) trained applicants in need for the recruitment exams for the positions of Village Administrator (VAO) and Village Assistant (VA) by a small fee to run the show Of the 30 seekers, the 10 most needy had wept with happiness knowing that they were the breadwinners of their families.

Since then, the institute has been looking for supporters to make its dream come true. To date, the institute has more than 600 supporters of the family in various positions, such as Tahsildar assistant, village administrative officer, village assistant, senior division secretary, lower division secretary, deputy police inspector, police officer Police (Male / Female / IRBn), Prison Guard, Firefighter, Reception Guard, Social Inspector, Fiscal Assistant in the Pondicherry government. It has not been uncommon since 2009 for at least a quarter of every shortlist to be Suyamites.

Top IAS Coaching In Pondicherry

Suyam IAS Coaching In Pondicherry
Mode Online /Offline IAS Coaching
Contact Number +91-94428 91726
Fee Structure Batch Size – 220
Eligibility – Undergraduate
Target – IAS,UPSC
Fees – 1,59,300/-
Contact Information Orleanpet, Pondicherry, 605005
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Website N/A


Rank-4 DR.Kims IAS Coaching In Pondicherry

The doctor. KIMS Academy in Pondicherry is one of the leading tutoring companies. Also known for tutorials, IELTS tutorials, English courses, Tnpsc tutorials, IAS institutes, CA institutes, proficiency exam tutorials, IIT tutorials, and much more. Find the address, contact number, reviews and ratings, photos, cards of Dr. KIMS Academy, Pondicherry.

Location and overview:

The doctor. KIMS Academy on Eswaran Kovil St, Pondicherry is a leader in the tutorial category in Pondicherry. This popular hotel serves as a unique destination for local guests and other parts of Pondicherry. The company has established itself firmly in its industry throughout its career. The belief that customer satisfaction is as important as its products and services has helped this company build a large customer base that continues to grow by the day. This company employs people who are dedicated to their respective roles and put a lot of effort into realizing the shared vision and overall goals of the company. In the near future, the company plans to expand its range of products and services and target a wider range of customers. In Pondicherry, this property has a prime location on Eswaran Kovil Street. Getting to this property is easy as there are several modes of transportation available. It is located on Eswaran Kovil Street, near the Vijaya Ganapathi store, making it easy for first-time visitors to find this place. It is known for providing high quality service in the following categories: Tutorials, IELTS Tutorials, English Language Courses, Tnpsc Tutorials, IAS Institutes, CA Institutes, Competitive Exam Tutorials, IIT Tutorials.

Top IAS Coaching In Pondicherry

DR.Kims IAS Coaching In Pondicherry
Mode Online /Offline IAS Coaching
Contact Number +91 97875 05444
Fee Structure Fees structure Rs 1,30,000/-
Contact:- Ms. Sosin Thayyaba
Eligibility Undergraduate
Contact Information 139, Eswaran Dharmaraja Kovil St, Raja Rajeswari Nagar, Heritage Town, Pondicherry, 605001
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Rank-5 Nermai IAS Coaching In Pondicherry

One of the best Pondicherry IAS Training Institutes is, as the name suggests, an institute for Pondicherry IAS aspirants for in-depth preparation for the UPSC exam. They provide a high-quality education that can be obtained both in the classroom and online. They also support other state competitions like railways, banks, etc.

The faculties:

  • The best teachers and experts teach here.
  • They promise to provide the best quality of education to applicants so that everyone meets their expectations and is not disappointed.

Study material:

  • The test series are very rational and well prepared.
  • Organize various mock tests for performance analysis and all percentiles for India.
  • Tutorial videos and study materials are provided to help aspirants master the concepts easier but more effectively.

Top IAS Coaching In Pondicherry

Nermai IAS Coaching In Pondicherry
Mode Online /Offline IAS Coaching
Contact Number +91-99447 07936
Fee Structure UPSC Coaching 1,66,000
NCERT foundation course 10,000
PCM Batch 2020-2021- ONLINE COURSE 1,00,000
Contact Information 156/3(First floor), Nanbargal Nagar, Pondy-Villianor main road, Marie Oulgaret, Pondicherry, 605009
26 Test Series Online and Offline -12,500, Study Material Own, Library Free for only Prelims + Mains

Rank-6 Great Indian IAS Coaching In Pondicherry

Grand Indian IAS in Pondicherry, although it is an excellent institute to prepare for IAS exams in Pondicherry. But due to his recent training level and some lack of his training, this site has that name in seventh place. The Great Indian IAS Pondicherry IAS training program provides you with the best teacher guidance and the best course materials.

Mock tests are the hallmark of this institute. These are updated from time to time for students with good in-depth and completely solid program coverage to improve their practice, speed, and accuracy of real exams. The teaching methods of the faculties are so unique. His teaching techniques include a special kind of sharp and innovative ideas and a deep ability to share knowledge. The batch size is not that big, which is another benefit, it helps students to properly learn from their faculties without a doubt. In preparation for IAS coaching, this institute allows you to benefit from all these advantages at a completely normal pace. In addition to the IAS, this institute also offers training for house guard jobs in the areas of banking, TNPSC, RRB, LDC, UDC, VAO, SSC and the police.

Features of the great Indian ISS in Pondicherry:

The names of the faculties are unknown, but they are very sincere and experienced in their work as teachers.

Frequent motivational courses, invited lectures from the main faculties and former high-performance faculties, weekly courses to generate doubts, online and offline courses, etc. are held at the facilities.

The training costs are very reasonable. This institute offers you complete preparation for the IAS program at normal training costs.

Top IAS Coaching In Pondicherry

Great Indian IAS Coaching In Pondicherry
Mode Online /Offline IAS Coaching
Contact Number +91-94424 29651
Fee GS-65,000 + 18% GST 7 Months, Optional-9 Subjects Fee-26,000
Contact Information No 1, Buvancare Street, O.K Palayam, Karamanikuppam (Near Railway Gate), Mudaliyarpet, Pondicherry, 605004
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Rank-7 ALS IAS Coaching In Pondicherry

The ALS IAS Academy in Pondicherry has a well known identity throughout India, but in Pondicherry this institute deserves 6th place. The faculties of the ALS IAS have specialized knowledge in their respective subjects. They provide their applicants with a comprehensive and totally conceptual training based on clarity. His teaching method is specifically audiovisual. The lot size here is a bit big, but it has a record, no student has complained yet.

Because the faculties of this institute have so much experience and specialization that they try to explain the topics while they are studying in such a way that they are understandable to all students. Course materials, tests, monthly thematic magazines, and class notes are regularly updated with new information. Also, these are designed with extensive research and simple comprehension texts. The infrastructure is world class. And the fees are also a bit high compared to other top IAS coaching institutes in Pondicherry.

Features of the ALS IAS Academy in Pondicherry:

So far, the candidate selection for the IAS of this institute is 2530+.

It includes numerous facilities, such as a large library or reading room, spacious classrooms that are equipped with air conditioning and projectors.

The teaching methods of the faculties are remarkable. The best faculties of this institute are Dr. Shashi Shekhar for Geography, Sharad Tripathi for International Relations in Hindi, KM Pathi for Ethics and Essay, and Dr. Arunesh Singh for Economics

Top IAS Coaching In Pondicherry

ALS IAS Coaching In Pondicherry
Address 1st Floor, SRM steels building, Lalitha Nagar (opp: Aravind Eye Hospital Cuddalore, East Coast Rd, Thavalakuppam, Pondicherry 605007
Contact Number +91 0413 261 8306
Fee Structure IAS Coaching Notes, IAS Exam Preparation Booklets, IAS optional coaching Notes, UPSC Coaching Notes, Video Lectures, Live Classes with faculty, Chat Facility Available
Rating 4.8 out of 5 stars
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What Makes ALS IAS?

Plutus IAS Contact Details

Rank-8 Great Indian IAS Coaching In Pondicherry

Top IAS Coaching In Pondicherry

Great Indian IAS Coaching In Pondicherry
Address No 1, Buvancare Street, O.K Palayam, Karamanikuppam (Near Railway Gate), Mudaliyarpet, Pondicherry, 605004.
Contact Number +91-094424 29651
Fee Structure Fee structure: Rs. 1, 40, 000 + GST
Notes IAS Coaching Notes, IAS Preparation Booklets, Best IAS Notes for IAS Preparation, Online IAS Coaching, Video Lectures for IAS.
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What Makes Great Indian IAS Academy Special?

Rank-9 Great Indian IAS Coaching In Pondicherry

Top IAS Coaching In Pondicherry

Great Indian IAS Coaching In Pondicherry
Address 1/111, Ist Cross street, SITHANKUDI, Behind Balaji Theatre, Pondicherry, 605011
Contact Number +91-90878 72020
Fee Structure N/A
Contact Information 208, Moghal Marc, Opposite Deepak Theatre, Narayanguda, Narayanguda, Hyderabad, Pondicherry 500029, भारत
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Rank-10 Thiru’s IAS Coaching In Pondicherry

Top IAS Coaching In Pondicherry

Thiru’s IAS Coaching In Pondicherry
Mode Online /Offline IAS Coaching
Contact Number +91-99442 43492
Fee Structure Rs 99,000/- ( Prelims+ Mains)
Contact Information No 82, second floor, Lenin Street, Near Krishna Nursing home, Pondicherry 605013.
  • Jyothis Mohan IRS
  • Abraham Renn IRS
  • Dr.Deepa Sathyan IPS
Website N/A


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