Top 10 Best IAS Coaching In Tamil Nadu

Best 10 IAS Coaching Institutes in Tamil Nadu

The Administrative Service of India is the first joint regulator of the Government of India. IAS officials hold key positions in Union government, states, and open corporations. As in other countries such as the United Kingdom, which is inspired by the parliamentary framework, the IAS, as an immutable organization in India, structures a nested element of the official extension of the Indian government and thus offers further development.

The best IAS training center in Tamil Nadu to help you prepare for the IAS exam. In the institute ranking, the 10 best IAS coaching courses in TamilNadu were ranked, among which you can join any UPSC coaching institute. Tamil Nadu’s best public service training will help you prepare for the IAS exam. The ranking among the best IAS training institutes in Tamil Nadu was for various parameters like student feedback, IAS faculties, UPSC training infrastructure, etc. Exam.

IAS Coaching in Tamil Nadu

Candidates for the IAS exam in Tamil Nadu are focused and therefore all presence of mind and concentration must be very accurate, the calculation speed must be at its maximum form, so it is not easy to get a grade in the IAS exam. You must join the best IAS training institute in Tamil Nadu to better prepare for the IAS exams.

For IAS Preparation in Tamil Nadu, check out IAS Courses Offered in IAS Coaching in Tamil Nadu – General Studies (Preparation + Hands + Essay + CSAT), Distance Learning with Mock Tests, Core Courses (NCERT), Core Course for Current Graduates , Tamil Nadu Administrative Services, WBCS, Online Mock Test (Preliminary), Offline Mock Test (Preliminary), Online Mock Test (Sector), Offline Mock Test (Sector)

Choose the best IAS coaching in Tamil nadu

IAS Tamil Nadu Coaching will help you prepare for the civil service exam. You can join the best UPSC Training Center in TamilNadu and prepare very well for the Indian Administrative Service Exam in Tamil Nadu. Best Civil Services Coaching in Tamil Nadu offers the best IAS training colleges.

The IAS exam is popular not only because of its difficult grades to pass, but it is also not easy for students due to its comparability, with over 10 lakhs of students filling all positions for the exam each year. This test of ambition requires persistent effort and a high level of managerial intelligence. In general, the exams are not easy to pass, but the only option is to study and work hard. so that students attend many courses and try to get the best support to pass the exams.

For the Civil Service Exam, you’ll need the following resources.

List of Top IAS Coaching in Tamil Nadu
AKS IAS Rank – 1
Brain Tree IAS Rank – 2
R.C. Reddy IAS Rank – 3
Target IAS Rank – 4
La Excellence Rank – 5
Hyderabad Study Circle Rank – 6
Chanakya IAS Rank – 7
Sri Chaitanya IAS Rank – 8
Vinex IAS Rank – 9
Taxila IAS Academy Rank – 10

Rank-1 AKS IAS Academy

What Makes Confidence IAS Academy?

Finding the best and most accessible career guidance is more sought after among younger generations and especially when students are preparing for challenging positions like IAS, they should seek potential career guidance. This is where AKS IAS Academy offers the most trustworthy and worthy support. It is the best coaching institute in India offering high quality and results oriented UPSC coaching courses and other coaching courses for contestants.

We are in a class of our own. We believe in teamwork and we elevate ourselves by elevating others.

Extended knowledge systems in AKS IAS

AKS IAS is one of the leading institutions for competitive examinations in India and offers applicants a first-class education. Passing a competition is a difficult puzzle to solve and a distant dream without careful and thorough preparation. We offer a solid foundation for competitions.

Founding reason

AKS IAS strives to help aspirants achieve their goals because we believe that smart work combined with expert advice is the key to success. At AKS, we are committed to providing this enriching experience to applicants by creating an ecosystem to explore their innovative skills. Therefore, AKS strives to be the right step for a student to take to shape their career.

Features Offered by AKS IAS ACADEMY:

Top IAS Coaching In Tamil Nadu

AKS IAS Academy
Address:,Lane beside Muthoot Fincorp Limited Sub-Registrar Office Road, Street Number 1, RTC Cross Road, Hyderabad, Tamil Nadu 500020
Contact Number +91-84484 49709
Fee Structure GS-72,000 Including Optional 8 Months, Optional Subject- Public Administrative, Sociology, Geography, Malayalam
Materials Study Materials, Test Series Offline
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Progress closely monitored

At AKS IAS we make sure to provide all applicants with individual attention. We do this by making sure to regularly conduct mock tests and other assessment methods that will help us understand each student’s abilities and focus more on areas where there is room for improvement.

Support after the course

We also provide post-course support so applicants are well informed of any changes in test trends.


The Mentoring Program is a personalized empowerment initiative from AKS IAS to guide applicants through preparation.

Strategic planning

Planning is one of the most underrated techniques for success. We help each applicant develop a plan to obtain the best possible result.

Rank-2 Brain Tree

BRAIN TREE IAS Academy is an institution that trains students for the All India Civil Service Exam which is conducted annually by the Union Civil Service Commission.

Founded in 1991, Brain Tree has an excellent track record of helping many students enter Indian, government and central services. Today, Brain Tree students hold many managerial positions in administrative departments of the central and state government.

Brain Tree is managed by its founding director Shri. V. Gopala Krishna, an eminent scholar. His contributions to public service, which have been published in numerous regional and national media, have helped to sensitize many young students to the profession of public service.

In addition to the required exams, Brain Tree specializes in public administration and anthropology. It is widely recognized as one of the best institutes in India for the above options.

Benefits of Brain Tree IAS Academy

  • The limited admission of applicants to the Brain Tree IAS Institute ensures that applicants receive the full attention of teachers, as well as personal advice to achieve a good placement on the IAS exam.
  • Brain Tree IAS has the best teacher under its academic board to train students, thereby enhancing their skills and maximizing their potential.
  • The institute offers courses during the week and on weekends with a dynamic and very convenient schedule for students.
  • Braintree CSE Coaching Hyderabad offers lectures by retired IAS officers to provide students with interactive sessions that allow them to learn the right details about public service.

Contact Details and Address

Top IAS Coaching In Tamil Nadu

Brain Tree For IAS Exams
Mode Online /Offline IAS Coaching
Contact Number 092481 61505
Fee Structure 1.2 lakhs
Contact Information 3-6-432, Level-3, Velma House, Himayath Nagar, Hyderabad, Tamil Nadu 500029
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Rank-3 R.C. Reddy IAS Academy

R.C. The Reddy IAS Study Circle was founded by Sri R.C. Reddy, who has successfully led budding public servants to high-level positions in public service for the past 43 years. Throughout the years, our students have been working for I.A.S., I.P.S., central services such as I.R.S., I.A.A.S., I.R.T.S. etc. selected.


A better India through a better, more efficient and more ethical public service.

Why to choose R.C. Reddy IAS coaching?

In a competition, coaching is of vital importance because, unlike a university exam, here all grades count. A note can make a difference: a candidate may not be on the list, or may receive group B services instead of group A services, or receive group A services instead of PI. S., or can I.P.S. instead of I.A.S. Also, there are fewer qualified candidates and most candidates are disqualified in a civil service exam, while in a university exam, most candidates pass and some fail. In this way, candidates can pass a university exam without supervision. The disadvantage of a college exam is that instead of an award, you can receive the first class or the second class instead of the first class or the third class instead of the second class.

Top IAS Coaching In Tamil Nadu

2 R.C. Reddy IAS For IAS Exams
Mode Online /Offline IAS Coaching
Contact Number +91-040 2761 2673
Fee Structure Batch Size – 220
Eligibility – Undergraduate
Target – IAS,UPSC
Fees – 1,59,300/-
Contact Information -6-275 Opposite Tamil Nadu Tourism Bhavan, Himayatnagar, Hyderabad, Tamil Nadu 500029
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Rank-4 Target IAS Academy

We have been running the academy for years since 2013. Our motto is to empower the unemployed or graduates to get permanent, secure employment and a respected step in society. The reputation of the institute can be endorsed by the ISO 9001: 2015 (qc17yt12302) certificate from the year of its foundation. We trained almost 3000 candidates, here almost 2000 candidates passed all kinds of contests, achieved rank at the state and district level. Almost 1,100 candidates are placed in the public sector as TNPSC, TNUSRB, TET, TRB and IBPS.

We offer efficient and experienced teachers. We offer good and understandable shortcut learning material that is developed and equipped with specialists. We conduct periodic tests with consumable intervals, which are performed as a matter of state and federal government competence. We offer a library that is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our institute offers smart courses with good audio and video effects. The candidate has very spacious learning classrooms with air circulation. We take the opportunity to seek advice from senior government officials. We are the mentor, the organizer, the advisor that you as a government official, banker, etc.

Top IAS Coaching In Tamil Nadu

Target ias Academy
Mode Online /Offline IAS Coaching
Contact Number +91 99899 66744
Fee Structure Fees structure Rs 1,30,000/-
Contact:- Ms. Sosin Thayyaba
Eligibility Undergraduate
Contact Information H.No.1-10-196(New No.177) Ashok Nagar X roads, Street Number 1, Hyderabad, Tamil Nadu 500020, India
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Rank-5 La Excellence Academy

A successful UPSC test has equivalent weights. The ocean liners are expected to face many battles during the arrangements. Occasionally liners can feel worn out. People who figure out how to take control and work according to plan find no questions asked.

When it comes to IAS testing, you can prepare yourself. In any case, the reading of the evidence is extreme. During this time, you will also collect key research papers, reference books, and inspiration.

If you join an educational focus, all you can do is focus on the exams. If you live in Coimbatore, you should probably get the best IAS training in Coimbatore that you can attend without any questions.

We have positioned the organizations according to the audits and evaluations proposed by the previous liners. Wait for data on the best IAS instructions from Coimbatore to force you to choose!

Excellence IAS focuses on reclassifying UPSC CSE exam preparation in light of the need to prepare and engage UPSC candidates for information, character and perspective.

Currently this has changed under the name of The Excellence in Coimbatore and at the same time we have connected with some better people in the field. When we started we all asked a typical question: “You are all doctors, civil servants and software engineers, why are you in this business?”

Our direct response to this survey is “enthusiasm for public services.” The moment we begin to pursue our goals, we walk through every educational institution in search of respectful assistance. We believed that if there was a real direction available for the cladding, we could create a superior design.

THE Excellence IAS Coimbatore is a big name in the field of UPSC agreements and the name is not that easy to come by. You will get this name if you sincerely try and if you are trusted by others, this organization is the highest expectation of many ocean liners.

LA Excellence IAS workforce is the best in India. Each of the educators is knowledgeable and full of information. If you are looking for the best institution for your IAS training, you should definitely choose this base, start your training with the help of this organization and this organization will help you make your fantasies come true.

Our Mission:

  • The UPSC Common Administrations assessment includes all the elements from a human point of view in which it relates to a country.
  • The – Excellence IAS decides to reorganize the UPSC CSE coaching exam as the participant must be prepared and activated regarding information, character and perspective.

Everything ordered and improved in the learning cycle based on the vital and logical model. Center to allow applicants to do the review, collection and conservation of 3’R

Top IAS Coaching In Tamil Nadu

La Excellence Academy
Mode Online /Offline IAS Coaching
Contact Number +91 90522 92929
Fee Structure UPSC Coaching 1,66,000
NCERT foundation course 10,000
PCM Batch 2020-2021- ONLINE COURSE 1,00,000
Contact Information Ashok Nagar Extension, 1-10-233/F, Indira Park Rd, Opposite Punjab National Bank, Kavadiguda, Hyderabad, Tamil Nadu 500020
26 Test Series Online and Offline -12,500, Study Material Own, Library Free for only Prelims + Mains

What’s Good at La Excellence Academy?

Rank-6 Hyderabad Study Circle IAS Academy

The Hyderabad Study Circle was founded in December 1976 by a group of well-meaning officials and academics with the aim of encouraging young men and women, particularly from Andhra Pradesh, to pursue careers in public administration; It is the first of its kind in Andhra Pradesh. It is a registered non-profit company. The general assembly, which is largely made up of its students, elects the board for a five-year term. The presidium, made up of serving and retired officials and alumni members, leads the study group.

A tradition of excellence

The Hyderabad Study Circle has been serving the student community for 38 years. The institution has enabled more than 3,000 young men and women to join All India, Central Civil Services and State Group – I.

Modern infrastructure

The study group has its own premises with the most modern infrastructure, which includes an extensive library and a sophisticated computer lab. The commitment of the board of directors and the dedication of the talented faculty, as well as the unwavering support of non-teaching staff, have not only helped the institution survive, but also thrive in realizing the ideals for which it was created.

Top IAS Coaching In Tamil Nadu

Hyderabad Study Circle IAS Academy
Mode Online /Offline IAS Coaching
Contact Number +91-040 2763 8527
Fee GS-65,000 + 18% GST 7 Months, Optional-9 Subjects Fee-26,000
Contact Information 1-2-365/25/C, Domalguda, Hyderabad, Tamil Nadu
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Rank-7 Chanakya IAS Coaching Centre

Since 2010, ias academy chanakya offers the best civil service exam training in south india. near the villupuram collectors office. People all over India who are looking for Indian administrative service, Indian police services and other elite bureaucratic services, and to confirm their readiness, engage the ias chanakya institute as the best civil services coaching services. We not only believe in exam preparation tips for applicants, but we offer the best student coaching method to help you have better success in preparing for upsc, hand phase and ib interview next, examination.

Top IAS Coaching In Tamil Nadu

Chanakya IAS For IAS Exams
Address 500085 Sri Sai Nagar arch,JNTU pillars between 7&8, behind Lucid diagnostic centre, Kukatpally Housing Board Colony, Kukatpally, Hyderabad, Tamil Nadu 500085
Contact Number +91 92939 23576
Fee Structure IAS Coaching Notes, IAS Exam Preparation Booklets, IAS optional coaching Notes, UPSC Coaching Notes, Video Lectures, Live Classes with faculty, Chat Facility Available
Rating 4.8 out of 5 stars
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What Makes Chanakya IAS?

Plutus IAS Contact Details

Rank-8 Sri Chaitanya IAS Academy

Sri Chaitanya IAS Academy or SCAIS intelligently integrates +2 level training with State and Union Public Administration exam preparation, the most difficult and prestigious access routes in India. Sri Chaitanya IAS Academy prepares students early for the difficult Preliminary and Major Exams that UPSC and TS (?) PSC, APPSC, take each year. SCAIS is one of the most prestigious projects Sri Chaitanya has taken on.


The vision is to rank the Telugu AP and Telangana states among the best by deploying civil servants in India’s prestigious Civil Services – IAS, IPS and IFS. Sri Chaitanya today is privileged to bring the region to the forefront by placing students in IIT, NIT, National Medical Colleges and ICAI. With IAS Academy we are seamlessly extending the legacy to include public services.

Proven Faculty and Practical Approach

Sri Chaitanya IAS Academy is fortunate to have an exceptional faculty that today has helped shape the entry and performance of various effective civil servants across the country. With personal support and a focus on diverse skills in addition to knowledge, the IAS Academy faculty helps to consistently exceed their own benchmarks.

Preparing for IAS isn’t just about knowledge and IQ, it’s also important to focus on presence of mind, confidence, presentation skills, and especially analytical mind. Sri Chaitanya IAS Academy will help you build your personality through all these phases and prepare you for the ultimate goal. The Sri Chaitanya IAS Academy regularly uses effective trial tests to give search engines a real-time feel.

Top IAS Coaching In Tamil Nadu

Sri Chaitanya IAS For IAS Exams
Mode Online /Offline IAS Coaching
Contact Number +91-621-254-2147 – 564-852-3574
Fee Structure Tution Fee 20000.00 20000.00
Integrated Coaching 45000.00 45000.00
Blazer/Uniform/Bag/Souse 10000.00 0.00
Study Materials 15000.00 15000.00
Notes IAS Coaching Notes, IAS Exam Preparation Booklets, IAS optional coaching Notes, UPSC Coaching Notes, Video Lectures, Live Classes with faculty, Chat Facility Available
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What Makes Sri Chaitanya IAS Academy Special?

Rank-9 Vinex IAS

Pioneering Institute for Competitive and Academic Admission at Vizag. Founded in 1997 by scientific researchers in conjunction with schools and research organizations.

Vinex IAS Academy provides educational services to students preparing for public service. The academy offers a comprehensive training and orientation program that covers all levels of the civil service exam: preliminary exam (the objective-type exam); Main exam (the descriptive written exam) and interview. The academy was founded with the goal of providing a complete solution to students preparing for this exam. The emphasis is on providing a well-rounded education that not only covers the prescribed curriculum, but also enables students to master other life challenges with equal ease.

Top IAS Coaching In Tamil Nadu

Vinex IAS For IAS Exams
Mode Online /Offline IAS Coaching
Contact Number +919849053058
Fee Structure General Studies ( Pre-Cum-Main Integrated) 1,55,000+500 (Registration)

General Studies (Pre-Cum-Main Integrated) 1,55,000 + 500 (Registration)

Optional (Mains) 48,000 + 500 (Registration)

  • For 1 Year: Rs. 1,20,000+ 18% GST
  • For 2 Years: RS. 2,20,000+ 18% GST
  • For 3 Years: RS.3,00,000 + 18% GST
Contact Information 208, Moghal Marc, Opposite Deepak Theatre, Narayanguda, Narayanguda, Hyderabad, Tamil Nadu 500029, भारत
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Website N/A


Rank-10 Taxila IAS Academy Coaching

The Takshasila IAS Academy team in Vijayawada, Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam is the only institution in the state of Telugu run by IAS-IPS-IRS officials and expert trainers from UPSC with extensive experience in guiding applicants to all Indian rankings. .

Our team has developed a unique and comprehensive program for integrated students who wish to plan their civil service careers after the tenth / inter / graduation at different levels.

The vision of Takshasila IAS Academy is to establish itself as a reference institution to face the stiff competition in the country, as the main corresponding training centers for the public service in New Delhi. In addition, the primary vision of this institution is to form a group of administrators with integrity, patriotism, environmental awareness, an enlightened spirit of our dynamic democracy and awareness of its highest interests, intrinsic characteristics of the fundamental characteristics and ideals of our singular and unshakable. constitution, the land of cultural extravagance with immeasurable diversity in every way and one of the oldest civilizations and indeed a rising superpower of the world to lead in the fabulous age to come of India.

Top IAS Coaching In Tamil Nadu

Taxila IAS Academy
Mode Online /Offline IAS Coaching
Contact Number +919899090339
Fee Structure Rs 99,000/- ( Prelims+ Mains)
Contact Information beside Rama krishna Math, opp. Indira Park, Hyderabad, Tamil Nadu 500029, भारत
  • Jyothis Mohan IRS
  • Abraham Renn IRS
  • Dr.Deepa Sathyan IPS


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